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Albie Casiño finds reviving love team with Kathryn Bernardo “weird”

albie casino finds reviving love team with kathryn bernardo weird

In a recent media conference for his new Vivamax Original movie, “Eks,” actor Albie Casino addressed the buzz among fans hoping for a revival of his former on-screen love team, Kathryn Bernardo. 

The duo first gained fame through their roles in the remake of the classic Kapamilya series “Mara Clara.”

Casino openly expressed his doubts about the possibility of reuniting with Kathryn  Bernardo on screen, especially considering his current status as no longer being part of ABS-CBN’s roster of artists. 

“I doubt that’s gonna happen na. Especially since I’m no longer an ABS-CBN artist, so I don’t think that…” he stated, hinting at the unlikelihood of their tandem’s comeback.

The topic surfaced amidst discussions of Kathryn Bernardo’s current standing as a solo artist in the industry following her split with Daniel Padilla, her most recent on-screen and off-screen partner. 

With Bernardo now open to new pairing opportunities, some netizens speculated on the potential rekindling of the Albie-Kathryn duo, sparking curiosity and nostalgia.

Casino admitted to finding the idea somewhat peculiar, commenting, “I find it weird that people still ask me that.” 

However, he didn’t dismiss the notion of working with Bernardo again if the opportunity arose. 

“Why would I say no, ‘di ba? I don’t say ‘no’ to work in general, so why would I say ‘no’ to work with her?” he added, indicating his openness to professional collaborations.

The actor reminisced briefly about their initial pairing in “Mara Clara,” which was well-received by audiences. 

Plans for a follow-up project, “Growing Up,” were derailed following rumors that Casino had impregnated Andi Eigenmann, leading to Daniel Padilla stepping into what would have been Casino’s role. 

This changed the rise for the rise of the KathNiel love team, which became one of the country’s most beloved on-screen pairings.

Meanwhile, Albie is set to grace the screen in “Eks,” where he stars alongside the next Vivamax Queen, Yen Durano, and a cast that includes Felix Roco and Audrey Avila under the direction of Omar Deroca, Sigrid Polo, and Roman Perez, Jr.

In addition to “Eks,” Casino continues to captivate audiences in the hit Kapamilya series “Can’t Buy Me Love,” featuring Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, showcasing his versatility and enduring appeal in the Philippine entertainment industry.

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