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Pokwang reacts to ex-Lee O’Brian’s counter affidavit vs. deportation complaint

pokwang reacts to ex lee obrians counter affidavit vs deportation complaint

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Pokwang reacts to her ex Lee O’Brian’s counter affidavit versus deportation complaint. 

Lee O’Brian, the ex-partner of host-comedian Pokwang, reportedly filed a counter affidavit in response to the latter’s deportation case and visa cancellation filed earlier this month.

In filing the counter affidavit, Lee said he had “respect for the mother of my child.” The ex-couple have a five-year-old named Malia, whose interests he claims to prioritize in the ongoing issue — and called it a quasi-judicial issue that he couldn’t comment on further.

Pokwang, whose real name is Marietta Subong, and her legal counsel maintained that Lee should still be deported.

Pokwang seemed annoyed at her ex-partner’s recent actions after she shared several photos of past achievements on her Instagram account.

One user appeared to comment about O’Brian’s claim that the Bureau of Immigration (BI) will see his side despite Pokwang’s fame, to which she responded, “Kapal ng mukha diba?? Pinangungunahan ang batas natin?” and agreed that as an overstaying illegal worker, he should be deported.

In another comment asking for a reaction from the host-comedian, Pokwang replied with several laughing emojis.

Pokwang filed the deportation case and request for visa cancellation last June 13 at the BI office in Manila with Calinisan, who claimed that Lee has no working permits in the Philippines.

The comedian further claimed that Lee has been using a tourist visa for eight years despite still being in the country.

“Undesirable aliens have no place in this country. With this case we are pursuing, we are putting a stop to the gross manipulation of the Philippine Immigration laws and the acts of abuse against our client,” Calisan said in a statement. “The Philippines must be a safe place for everyone, especially us Filipinos.”

The ex-couple got into a relationship in 2015, had Malia in early 2018, and separated in late 2021, with Pokwang having custody over their daughter. Pokwang later admitted it was not an entirely amicable split. – WhatALife!/Val

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