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SB19 Starts of Pagtatag World Tour Strong to Mold their Legacy on P-pop Culture

sb19 starts of pagtatag world tour strong to mold their legacy on p pop culture

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The long-awaited “Pagtatag” world tour of P-pop SB19 started on Saturday, June 24, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City.

Fans went crazy as the performance started when the lights dimmed, and the group members popped up with their extravagant outfits. 

The group performed their hearts out with their hit songs like “Gento, “MAPA,” “WYAT,” and “I Want You.”

Their kickstart with Pagtatag started an evolution in their sound and artistry.

They start exploring new genres and styles as they deliver great performances and tracks. 

Fans from all over the country, like Glydienm Felicitas, watch the tour of their idols. 

Although she waited outside the venue for such a long time, she said that,”Nag-e-enjoy ako marami akong nakikilalang mga A’TIN,” she said. 

Other fans said they even saved up for the ticket to see their idol perform, and SB19 gave them what they wanted by performing and making everyone’s time and money worth it. 

The ‘Pagtatag’ globe tour by SB19 showcases the band’s expanding global appeal. SB19 made up of Ken, Justin, Josh, Pablo, and Stell, will travel across the United States, Canada, and the Philippines as part of their tour.

The members of SB19 are already showing signs of being able to perform on the biggest stages as they rack up numbers and streams on their music while also delivering great performances to their fans. 

They will mark a spot in the P-pop culture, leaving their legacy and being remembered as one of the memorable groups that came out of our country. – WhatALife!/Zain

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