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Lee O’Brian files Counter Affidavit vs. Ex-Partner Pokwang’s Complaint for His Deportation

lee obrian files counter affidavit vs ex partner pokwangs complaint for his deportation

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – American actor Lee O’ Brian filed his response to the petition for his deportation made against him by his former live-in partner, the actress-comedian Pokwang.

In an interview posted by the TV5 reporter MJ Marfori, Lee said that he always respects the mother of his child, Malia Francine O’Brian and “puts the best interest of his daughter first.” 

“I love my daughter more than anything,” Lee stressed.

The American actor then appealed to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) to be fair with his deportation and visa cancellation cases, noting his former partner’s fame and influence in the Philippines.

“Given the fact that the complainant is very well-known, widely known throughout this county, and very, very influential, I am asking and pleading with the Philippine government and the Bureau of Immigration to look at my case, my deportation case, fairly and with justice, according to the merits of the case and whatever I filed here I would plead with them to look at it justly,” he said.

The actor also thanked the people who supported him and his decision. 

Meanwhile, Pokwang was accompanied by her legal counsel Atty. Ralph Calinisan filed a deportation complaint and cancellation of visa against Lee on June 13. Pokwang’s camp claimed that Lee was “using a tourist visa while working in the country for the past eight years.”

The ex-couple met in 2014, and their romance bloomed after working together in the dramedy film Edsa Woodworth. Their daughter, Malia Francine, was born in January 2018.

Lee and Pokwang ended their relationship several months before the latter confirmed their split in July 2022.

From then on, Pokwang has repeatedly taken swipes at her ex-partner for his lack of parental and financial support for their daughter. – WhatALife!/Val

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