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Perfecto De Castro posts Cryptic Message upon Announcement of Rivermaya Reunion Concert in Upcoming 2024

perfecto de castro posts cryptic message upon announcement of rivermaya reunion concert in upcoming 2024

Former member Perfecto De Castro posted a cryptic message in response to the announcement of the reunion concert of the popular band, Rivermaya. It has been announced that Rivermaya members: Bamboo Mañalac, Rico Blanco, Mark Escueta, and Nathan Azarcon will come together again in the upcoming reunion concert set on February 17, 2024 at the SMDC Festival Grounds.

The official announcement, made on November 6, 2023, elicited an overwhelming response, generating over 10,000 shares and garnering more than 19,000 enthusiastic reactions from the fans. However, amidst the excitement, some fans couldn’t help but wonder about the potential involvement of former Rivermaya guitarist Perf De Castro in the much-anticipated reunion concert. Perf’s status as one of the band’s original members only fueled this curiosity further.

On the same day of the concert’s announcement, Perf De Castro took through his Facebook page and posted a simple text.

In Perf’s post, he wrote, “Wala sa picture, e di wala.” This seems to be the former guitarist’s response to the inquiries on whether he is going to be a part of the band’s upcoming reunion concert set in the upcoming year. 

While he didn’t mention anything specific about the post, the official teaser poster featured members Bamboo Mañalac, Rico Blanco, Mark Escueta, and Nathan Azarcon. The teaser however did not include De Castro. 

De Castro’s post has garnered over 19,000 reactions, which are mostly Sad emojis, with around 3,600 comments and 5,500 shares. Many users had expressed their sentiment in the comment section regarding the matter.

A comment from Dong Abay quotes: “guns n roses na walang slash!?” 

One user even wrote: “Di pa rin reunion kapag walang Perfecto na mag gi guitar solo.”

“Sumikat ang karamihang songs ng original rivermaya dahil din sa signature solos n Perf,” another has commented.

While he didn’t explain his absence, De Castro posted on Nov. 7, expressing his gratitude towards the fans who still consider him as an important member of Rivermaya.

“Nakakatuwa itong past couple of days at nakakataba ng puso ang lahat ng comments at support,” he said, “pero OKs lang ako, men. Padayon lang.”

Additionally, he also stated “Enjoyin nyo ang ihahain na show at huwag hanapin ang wala.”

The other members of Rivermaya have yet to give their statement regarding the matter.

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