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Kim Chiu Receives Hate for Role in Linlang as Juliana

kim chiu receives hate for role in linlang as juliana

Kim Chiu has been a household name in the Philippines since her exit from Pinoy Big Brother. The reality star turned actress is recognized for her various performances in the industry. Kim Chiu has also showcased her versatility in acting by portraying either protagonists or antagonists.

Kim’s latest project is her role in the Amazon Prime exclusive Filipino TV show Linlang. She plays the wife of boxer-turned-seaman Victor “Bangis” Lualhati, portrayed by Paulo Avelino. Juliana Lualhati (Kim Chiu) is discovered to have a lover who turns out to be Victor’s brother, Alex, who is portrayed by JM de Guzman. Victor is also married.

Netizens have taken to social media platforms to share their anger about the series. Produced by ABS-CBN and Dreamscape, the TV show has been the most-watched on Prime ever since its release, with new episodes dropping every Thursday. Furthermore, netizens have shared how frustrated they are with Juliana, labeling her “the most hated character” on the show. 

Kim has shared in the Linlang Thanksgiving press conference that she doesn’t mind the label. As a matter of fact, Kim is grateful for the title. The label shows Kim’s great performance and doing the character justice, as netizens say “kuha niya ang inis”. Kim later added, “This is what I can call the hate that I love. ‘Yung mga hate messages that I love.”

Kim continued to share, “I’m really thankful to my director dahil pinapaulit nila sa akin kapang Kumi-Kim Chiu levels na yung (acting), ‘that’s Kim Chiu, let’s do it again.’ They were very patient with me to become Juliana.”

The actress also shared that she had doubts about accepting the role. However, the actress is thankful that she took the risk and that the risk she took paid off. In the same press conference, Kim shared her worries about her character not getting the support. However, many people were affected by her performance.

Moreover, Kim Chiu stated “Anong fear ko? ‘Yung hindi siya suportahan ng mga tao, ‘yun talaga ang kinakatakutan ko kasi first time kong (mag-portray) ng (ganitong) role. First time kong sumugal. Sobrang happy ko at napaghiwalay nila si Juliana at Kim Chiu.”

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