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Pauline Amelinckx Blooming in Headshots released by Miss Supranational 2023 

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Pauline Amelinckx starts her Miss Supranational 2023 journey by opening up about her path towards self-love while showing the astonishing wonders of the Philippines. 

“Supra headshot,” Amelinckx captioned on her Instagram post. “This is it! Our first Miss Supranational Challenge. Let’s do this, Philippines!”

Amelinckx suggested that her fans and Filipinos help her win the challenge by liking and commenting on her headshot picture on the Miss Supranational Facebook page, as the interactions will help her win the challenge. 

Amelinckx opened up in her Miss Supranational introduction video that she struggled with people body shaming her. The video was uploaded on Miss & Mister Supranational Official’s YouTube channel on Saturday, June 17.

Miss Supranational has also released official headshots of Amelinckx. The stunning headshots of the Miss Supranational contender were part of the pageant’s influencer challenge, where the winners will take a top 24 spot.

She said, “We all faced different storms in our lives. One I’ve struggled with the most was being body-shamed. Sometimes, we’re told we’re not worthy because of how we look or don’t fit a certain mold.”

Despite going through such hardship, Amelinckx realized that self-love is what powers over the opinions of others. 

“It’s changing the voice in our head to make it the kindest and most understanding. With self-love, we allow ourselves to be imperfect, break the mold, be vulnerable, and grow. Our stories, mine and yours, have the power to inspire across borders,” she said.

While showing her journey as Miss Universe Philippines 2023, she also showed her interest in freediving which helped her to discover more things about herself. 

Amelinckx will represent the Philippines in the Miss Supranational 2023 pageant in Poland, where the previous winner, Lalela Mswane of South Africa, may crown the next winner.  – WhatALife!/Zain

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