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Leren Mae Bautista responds to netizens: ‘Amaccana’ 

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Leren Mae Bautista couldn’t hold back from responding to netizens on social media.

Leren Mae Bautista seemingly could not hold herself back from responding to netizens who mentioned actress Andrea Brillantes in a comment in one of the beauty queen-turned-politician’s Facebook posts.

Recently, Bautista was accused of being the supposed third party in Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero’s breakup.

Bautista received the comments from netizens after asking for mobile bar recommendations on her Facebook page on Thursday, June 15. One Ivan Llorente Padua left a comment sarcastically, tagging actress Brillantes.

“Andrea Brillantes, pa-help po. May alam [ka] kung saan?” the netizen said. (Andrea Brillantes, please help. Do you have [any recommendations]?)

To which Bautista replied, “Amacanna”. (Stop it already.)

Apart from that, more netizens have also left teasing comments.

Both comments were eventually taken down. However, screenshots of the comments were saved and have been re-uploaded on social media.

On June 9, Rivero confirmed their breakup and asked the public to respect their decision and keep it private. 

While Rivero did not disclose the reason for the breakup, he was accused of cheating after a photo of him was taken and posted by Bautista. Rivero and Bautista were also present on his birthday when they gave away food packs in Los Baños, Laguna, where Bautista serves as a municipal councilor.

Bautista later dismissed the third-party accusations against her, noting that these claims “are entirely false and have no basis in reality.” She also clarified that her outreach activity is a part of her “ongoing efforts to serve the people and contribute to the community’s welfare.” 

Brillantes, meanwhile, confessed that she was doing okay. However, she hasn’t fully healed yet after their recent breakup. – WhatALife!/Val

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