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NCT Taeil Suffers Injuries from Motorcycle Accident

nct taeil suffers injuries from motorcycle accident

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — NCT’s Taeil suffers injuries from a motorcycle accident and won’t be able to join NCT activities during rehabilitation.

NCT’s management company SM Entertainment has announced that Taeil suffered a fracture on his thigh from the motorcycle accident while he was on his way home. 

The doctor said that surgery was necessary after examining Taeil’s injuries. Taeil will take a temporary hiatus as he has to go through surgery and stay focused on his treatments afterward.

Unfortunately for the fans, Taeil will not be able to participate in the NCT’s first offline concert, “NCT NATION: To The World,” on August 26. 

The agency has released a full statement explaining what happened and what will happen with Taeil and NCT. 

The statement reads:


We would like to provide you with the following information regarding the current health status and future schedule of NCT’s Taeil.

In the early morning of today (August 15), Taeil was on his way home on his motorcycle after finishing his schedule when he was involved in an accident. He immediately visited a hospital for a detailed examination and treatment.

As a result of the examination, he was diagnosed with a fracture in his right thigh, and he received medical advice that surgery was necessary. Currently, Taeil is in stable condition and receiving the necessary treatment at the hospital ahead of the surgery.

As a result, Taeil will temporarily suspend his activities and focus on treatment and recovery and will not be able to participate in the NCT group concert ‘NCT NATION: To The World’ on August 26. We ask for your kind understanding.

We sincerely apologize for giving you cause for concern with this sudden news. The agency will put the artist’s health as a priority and help Taeil focus on his recovery. We will do our best so that he can greet fans again in good health.

Thank you.”

 – WhatALife!/Zain

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