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Coffee Painting Competition for Upcoming MSME One Expo

coffee painting competition for upcoming msme one expo

DTI Misamis Oriental’s official Facebook page posted a Coffee Painting Competition calling up all the talented artists.

The theme of the Coffee Painting Competition will be “Embracing the Old, Celebrating the New – Icons of CDO and Misamis Oriental.” The arts will feature places, people, events, food, and more in MSME One Expo 2023. 

The submission of paintings will be on August 25, 2023, with the exhibition date on September 1 to 3, 2023.

Artists will be able to tell their stories of tradition and innovation through their art.

Those who are interested in submitting their art should register through this Google form link

The criteria for the competition have also been listed on the Facebook post of the upcoming event. 

Creativity and innovation will take 35%, Technical Skill and Execution will take 30%, Relevance to the Theme will have 25%, then Impact and Expression will take 10%. Artists will have to follow the criteria to win with their coffee painting. 

Through this competition, artists can express themselves using only coffee components, which is part of the rules. 

The top 10 winners of the competition will have their art featured on the MSME One Expo, while the top 3 winning entries will be judged on September 3 during the closing and recognition ceremonies of the expo. The panel of judges’ decision will be considered final; any concerns or objections beyond the judging period will not be entertained. 

The winners of the competition will receive medals, cash prizes, certificate of recognition and have their artworks displayed in the MSME One Expo. 

Due to the ruling, the artists’ names will stay anonymous until the day of awarding for safety precautions. 

Good luck to all the artists participating in this competition!

For more information about the competition, refer to the official post below:

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