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Movie Star Brand Reputation Rankings of March 2022, announced

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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — Lee Jung Jae and Kim Hye Soo top the March 2022 brand reputation rankings for movie stars by Korean Business Research Institute. Meanwhile, another Squid Game star Jung Ho Yeon is in close third place.

Korean Business Research Institute made an official release about the March 2022 brand reputation rankings for movie stars. The Korean Business Research Institute analyzed data that determines the brand reputation rankings of movie stars for this month of 2022. 

The determined and produced rankings are from the big data collected from February 9 to March 9, 2022, through an examination of media coverage, interaction, consumer participation, and community awareness indexes of 50 famous movie stars in Korea.

According to the brand reputation rankings, the South Korean actor, businessman, and former model, Lee Jung Jae has topped the March list with a brand reputation index of 8,612,929. The recorded high-ranking phrases in Lee Jung Jae’s keyword analysis include the following: ‘Squid Game,’ ‘Best Male Actor award,’ and ‘advertisement model.’ And while the actor’s highest-ranking related terms included ‘congratulate,’ ‘award,’ and ‘thank.’

On the brand reputation ranking list, the South Korean actress, Kim Hye-soo, earned second place with a brand reputation index of 7,576,693. 

While the South Korean model and actress and Lee Jung Jae’s co-star in ‘Squid Game,’ Jung Ho-Yeon, has a brand reputation index of 7,331,884. Jung Ho-Yeon’s brand reputation index makes her close to third place.

The South Korean actor, Hyun Bin, also made it to the brand reputation ranking and ranked fourth on the list for March, gaining a brand reputation index of 7,224,437.

Park Seo-Joon, featured in the Korean drama series, ‘Itaewon Class,’ gained a total brand reputation index of 6,684,863, making him top five in the brand reputation ranking list Korean Business Research Institute data analysis.

Lee Jung Jae: A 2022 Film Independent Spirit Awardee

At the 2022 Film Independent Spirit Awards last March 6 at the Santa Monica Pier in California, Lee Jung Jae, a star in the Korean hit series on Netflix, ‘Squid Game,’ won the best actor award.
Lee Jung Jae got a SAG Awards statuette as he obtained the Best Male Performance in the ‘Squid Game’ series. – WhatALife!

Source: (soompi.com)

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