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LIST: TESDA Driving Schools 2023

list tesda driving schools 2023

TESDA is a government agency in the Philippines which is a part of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. They are tasked with managing technical education and skill development. If you’re looking for a TESDA Driving school, then this article’s for you.

TESDA Driving Schools offer a range of comprehensive training programs for individuals who aspire to become skilled drivers. They cover both theoretical and practical aspects of driving. Upon completion, students will be able to obtain a driver certification.

These certificates play a crucial role in ensuring road safety and enhancing the overall competence of drivers. A driver’s certificate shows that the students have undergone formal training to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for operating a vehicle.

TESDA Driving School Programs

TESDA Driving School programs are among the most highly sought-after training programs in the country. TESDA’s driving courses are structured to cater to varying levels of experience and expertise. These courses include:

Student Driver’s Course

This course is designed for beginners. Student driver’s courses focus on the basics of driving, including traffic rules and road safety.

Non-Professional Driver’s Course

This driver’s course is designed for individuals who are seeking to drive private vehicles. It delves into deeper details regarding driving skills and knowledge.

Professional Driver’s Course

These programs are intended for individuals with aspirations of becoming professional drivers, encompassing advanced driving techniques and vehicle maintenance.

Registration and Enrollment

Enrolling in a TESDA driving course is a straightforward process with specific requirements. The necessary documents and criteria may vary depending on the type of driving courses. 

Generally, basic requirements for this short TESDA course include:

  • Copy of NSO Birth Certificate
  • High School or College diploma
  • Certified true copy of Transcript of records or form 137
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • 1×1 and/or 2×2 picture

Once you have met the necessary requirements, it’s time to apply to a TESDA-accredited driving school. You can find a list of accredited schools and programs on the official TESDA website. Moreover, you can inquire about available facilities by visiting local agencies.

The TESDA driving school will provide an application form that students need to fill out, which should also include submitting the aforementioned requirements.

Curriculum and Training

TESDA driving schools provide a training curriculum that covers a range of essential topics. These topics focus on road signs instructions and traffic rules. Additional relevant topics include vehicle maintenance, defensive driving techniques, and emergency response.

Furthermore, students should expect to learn about the importance of road courtesy and ethical behavior. TESDA driving training courses also emphasize the theoretical aspects of driving.

The theoretical component covers aspects such as road safety regulations. These training programs also provide hands-on training behind the wheel, allowing students to learn the practical aspects of driving in real-world scenarios.

Instructors and Training Facilities

TESDA driving schools undergo specific assessments to ensure that they meet the qualifications required to effectively impart knowledge and skills to students.

TESDA driving schools and other training programs are focused on holding their training within high-quality facilities. This typically includes classrooms equipped with teaching materials. 

Cost of TESDA Certification

TESDA certificates vary in cost depending on the specific course. Tuition fees cover instruction, materials, and access to facilities. TESDA also offers scholarship and financial assistance programs to improve program access for technical education and skills development.

TESDA Certification Process

There are several stops that need to be followed in order to obtain a TESDA certification. Individuals will need to register in a course they wish to pursue. Moreover, upon enrolling into the program, they will need to complete the required training and education curriculum. 

The duration of the training also depends on the course taken. Once the training is concluded, trainees  will undergo certain assessment processes, which is similar to taking exams. This assessment is where they will demonstrate the proficiency and skills they have learned.

Ideally, these assessments are designed to include written exams, practical tests, and interviews conducted by program assessors. Passing this assessment is crucial because it is where individuals demonstrate what they have learned.

After passing the assessment, program enrollees will receive their certificates, which can also serve as credentials when seeking employment.

Closing Thoughts

TESDA accredited driving schools are government-prepared institutions designed to cater to a wide range of students. These training programs are updated annually to include the latest learning components.

Having up-to-date learning materials keeps these programs relevant, and the courses adhere to a set curriculum that is both pertinent and essential. These training programs ensure that students who enroll in any course acquire the necessary skills for important tasks.

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