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LIST: Driving Schools Accredited by LTO

list driving school accredited by lto

If you plan to get a driver’s license, knowing which driving schools are accredited by LTO is essential. This is to ensure that you go through a seamless experience of your driving lessons and requirements. 

When individuals finish their driving lessons, the next step is to go to LTO to continue processing their driving requirements. In this article, we’ll be presenting a list of local driving schools that are accredited by LTO for you to consider. Take note of this list to ensure you can get your driving essentials through a more straightforward process. A link to their website will also be provided at the end of this article, so make sure you follow along.

Why is a driving school important?

Going through driving lessons in a driving school accredited by LTO is more important than you might think. Driving a vehicle isn’t an easy process. It takes time to learn both the big and small details, and a driving school guides us the best. With driving schools, you know you get the best teachers to teach you how to properly and confidently drive on the road.

Here’s a quick overview of why driving schools are important:

  • Attending a driving school is a requirement before claiming a driver’s license
  • Professional driving schools can assist you with your driver’s license application
  • Certified driving instructors can teach you the best ways of driving
  • Driving schools help you to be more confident on the road
  • Driving schools provide safety-focused education

It is worth noting that when we enroll in driving schools, making sure that they follow the proper standards is a must. In the Philippines, there are numerous driving schools aspiring drivers can enroll in. The next section will look at the list of accredited schools.

List of Accredited Driving Schools

As mentioned above, it’s always crucial to check out driving schools if they’re the one for you. Always choose the driving school accredited by the LTO. However, it’s worth noting that some of these schools might not be around your area.

Universal Driving School

Universal Driving School offers the highest standard techniques in defensive driving. The LTO-accredited driving school offers courses for car, van, motorcycle, tricycles, and theoretical driving lessons. This driving school is located in Block 128 Lot 23 31st Avenue cor. JP Rizal Extension East Rembo 1017 Taguig. Contact them through this number (0917-657-9619) or you can also send an email through their email at UDSComembo@gmail.com.

Prestige Driving School

Prestige Driving Schools is dedicated to foster quality and educated drivers. The driving school prides itself on their modern facilities, latest training units, professional driving instructors, and registration officers.

Prestige Driving School is located at 1935 Espana Blvd corner Craig St., Sampaloc Manila. You can contact them through these numbers (09173012132 / 02-72189496) or email them at (prestigedrivingschool@yahoo.com).

Xcel Driving School

Xcel Driving School, on the other hand, specializes in more specific details such as parking lessons, maneuvering lessons, mechanical operations, and whatnot. Just like other driving schools, Xcel also offers theoretical driving courses and practical driving courses for both 2 and 4-wheeled vehicles.

They’re located at 314-B Maysilo Circle St., Mandaluyong City. You can contact them through this number (8470-5996) or email them through (xceldrivingph@gmail.com).

Excel at Xcel!

A-1 Driving School

A-1 Driving School has advantages that make it stand out from other driving schools. Here’s a bullet list of the traits they possess:

  • Proven Track Record
  • Easy Access
  • Proper Learning
  • Learning Facility
  • Standard Training
  • Quality Instructors and Trainers

The driving school is located in 2 Sta. Lucia St., Plainview, Mandaluyong City. You can contact them through their website enrollment hotline (+63 956 420 7915) or email them through (info@a-1driving.com).

Precision Driving School

Precision Driving School’s goal is to help Filipino drivers get equipped with the best driving knowledge through proper training and thus aid the Filipino government in nation-building by helping provide safer roads. 

Precision Driving School is located at 14 Stallion St, Rancho Estate 1, Concepcion II, Marikina, Metro Manila, Philippines. You can contact them through these numbers (8-3623851 / 09617454951) or email them through (info@precision-driving.com).

For more information about the schools mentioned in the list, visit their website here:

Universal Driving School

Website: https://universal.driving.com.ph/ 

Prestige Driving School

Website: http://prestigedrivingschoolph.com/

Xcel Driving School

Website: https://xceldrivingph.com/   

A-1 Driving School

Website: https://a-1driving.com/ 

Precision Driving School

Website: https://precision-driving.com/  


Now that you know driving schools accredited by LTO, hopefully, you can pick the one you desire most. Most importantly, the driving school that offers you the most convenience may be the best choice. These driving schools featured above have their own unique characteristics that make them ideal for student drivers. That being said, they will surely help you in every way.

Overall, when choosing a driving school accredited by LTO, make sure to consider several factors, such as convenience, budget, professional instructors, and most importantly, the driving school’s achievements.

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