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Joey de Leon Overwhelmed with Emotion Following TVJ’s Departure

joey de leon overwhelmed with emotion following tvjs departure

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Comedian/Actor Joey de Leon couldn’t hide his tears after TVJ departed from TAPE Inc. 

De Leon admitted he was clueless about what will happen next to the hosts and Eat Bulaga after the trio’s departure.

The actor said a statement as he disclosed his conversation with one of Eat Bulaga’s sponsors during an interview with Julius Babao and Cheryl Cosim on “Frontline Pilipinas” on Wednesday, June 7.

“I don’t know if I’d want to tell this to the public, but I cried on the second day [after our departure]. Because Susan Co texted me. I’m a crybaby and asked if I was okay. I called her, and because I’m arrogant, I told her, “We’re okay.”

“I asked her then if they were okay because I heard that they had made an advance payment to our show for three or two years. She got angry and cut me, saying, “No, that’s not important to us. Let us think about ourselves. What we want to know is if you are all okay.” I cried after she said that because I did not know what would happen.”

Moreover, De Leon expressed how grateful he is for the unwavering support from Eat Bulaga fans that he has been receiving along with Tito, Vic, and his other co-hosts.

“Thank you to our fellow Filipinos, the media, and everyone. Thank you. If you reach 44 years, I assure you that you will cry as well.” he said.

De Leon teared up as he thanked everyone who had never left them throughout the 44 years of making Filipinos happy.

TVJ announced its departure from TAPE recently on Wednesday, May 31.

The trio then announced the show’s transfer to TV5 on June 7 after signing an agreement with Mediaquest Holdings Inc. WhatALife/Val

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