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Jayda Avanzado responds to Seth Fedelin courting rumors: “No comment”

jayda avanzado responds to seth fedelin courting rumors no comment

Actress-singer Jayda Avanzado found herself embroiled in controversy after her response to questions about whether Kapamilya actor Seth Fedelin courted her sparked a storm of reactions from netizens.

During her interview with showbiz columnist Cristy Fermin on Wednesday, April 17, Jayda was asked if Seth had courted her.

“Ito na lang po ang sasabihin ko, no comment na lang po,” Jayda responded.

To which Nanay Cristy replied, “Ok. Alam ko na ‘yung mga no comment na ‘yan. Sa tagal ko na sa showbiz… limang dekada na rito, alam ko na ‘yang mga no comment.”

Jayda quickly became a trending topic on social media, particularly on X (formerly Twitter), as many fans of the Francine and Seth tandem, known as FranSeth, expressed frustration with the young star.

Some fans of Andrea also reacted, as their idol was once again linked to Francine due to the controversy.

Jayda was accused of reigniting the fan wars between Andrea and Francine.

“It looks like this kid’s career is about to die, and she chose Cristy Fermin’s platform to do this. Good luck,” one netizen commented.

Another said, “Jayda and Cristy Fermin reopened the rift between Andrea and Francine. Francine was minding her own business until that interview. She doesn’t care about Andrea and Jayda anymore. All you want is for Andrea to be a victim so badly.”

“I’m not a fan of anyone involved, but I don’t think she was smiling. I noticed her facial expression when Cristy Fermin called Francine ‘maldita’ (snobbish). Also, I watched her facial expressions when reading hateful comments. I think she’s keeping her face neutral,” another netizen defended Jayda.

Meanwhile, in her interview on “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda,” Jayda stated that she is open to reconciling with Francine.

The controversy surrounding Jayda’s response has still sparked heated debates among fans.

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