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Elha Nympha defends Jayda Avanzado amidst criticism from Francine Diaz’s fans

elha nympha defends jayda avanzado amidst criticism from francine diazs fans

Elha Nympha, the grand champion of The Voice Kids Season 2, has come to the defense of her close friend Jayda Avanzado against criticisms from fans of Francine Diaz.

Jayda recently revealed that she and Francine are no longer on speaking terms, sparking controversy and backlash from Francine’s supporters.

In an interview with Cristy Ferminute on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, Jayda opened up about the current state of her relationship with Francine amid speculation of discord between them.

The controversy stemmed from Jayda’s attendance and photo opportunity with Andrea Brillantes, a former friend of Francine, at an event, which reportedly upset Francine.

Jayda admitted that she and Francine have not been talking lately, acknowledging that there have been disagreements between them.

Furthermore, Jayda remained tight-lipped when asked about rumors of Seth Fedelin, Francine’s on-screen partner, courting her.

Amidst the social media frenzy surrounding Jayda’s revelations, particularly on X  Elha Nympha weighed in on the issue, cautioning against commenting without understanding the full story.

While Elha didn’t mention any names in her tweet, it elicited responses from Francine’s fans in the comments section.

One netizen questioned the purpose of Elha’s tweet and urged her to consider the root cause of the fans’ anger toward Jayda.

Elha responded promptly, expressing her frustration at being attacked by Francine’s fans even before she tweeted.

 She also appealed for the cessation of spreading false information, emphasizing the escalation of the situation.

As of writing, Francine has not issued any statement regarding the issue.

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