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Adulting 101: Life After Graduation 

adulting 101 life after graduation

Congratulations, graduate! You’ve conquered exams, late-night study sessions, and the inevitable existential crisis. It’s a time for celebration, relief, and maybe a touch of panic. The future suddenly feels wide open, filled with exciting possibilities and a good dose of “what ifs?” This isn’t a cliff you’re about to jump off; it’s a launching pad for your post-academic adventure. So, what are your plans after graduation?

The “What’s Comes Next” Checklist

This checklist guides you through the exciting, sometimes overwhelming, first steps into adulthood.

1. The Practical Stuff

As you step out of the cap and gown world after graduation, it’s time to accept the practicalities of adulthood. This means securing your official documents like a passport or ID, setting up a bank account to manage your finances, and familiarizing yourself with budgeting and financial planning. Remember to hold the power of professional networks. 

Enhance your resume to showcase your skills and experiences, hone your interview skills to make a great first impression, and connect with professionals on platforms like LinkedIn to open doors to potential opportunities.

2. Explore Your Options

After graduation, the world is your oyster, so don’t be afraid to explore all your options. Explore deep into researching potential career paths that cultivate your passions. Attend job fairs to network with companies and get a feel for different work environments. 

Chat with alumni who have ventured into various industries – their insights and experiences can be invaluable. If you crave a deeper understanding of a specific field or yearn for a career change, consider pursuing a postgraduate degree. Higher education can be a valuable springboard for your dream job.

3. Career Kickstart

Don’t just theorize about your future career – get out there and gain real-world experience. Apply for apprenticeships – these programs are like express trains to practical knowledge. You’ll work alongside professionals, gain hands-on experience in your desired field, and build a strong resume that showcases your abilities. 

While giving back to your community, you’ll also develop valuable new skills, network with like-minded individuals, and discover hidden passions that could influence your career path. After graduation, practical experience is a goldmine for new graduates, so embrace these opportunities to learn, grow, and stand out.

4. Chart Your Course

Graduation marks the exciting launchpad for forging your path. If the entrepreneurial spirit burns bright within you, don’t hold back. Research your target market, meticulously plan your business concept, and consider taking the plunge into launching your startup. Remember, being your boss allows you to combine your passions with purpose. 

On the other hand, if you crave the flexibility and freedom to choose your projects, explore the world of freelancing. Platforms abound where you can showcase your skills and connect with clients across various industries. Freelancing allows you to gain valuable experience on multiple projects while building a solid portfolio demonstrating your adaptability and expertise. 

5. Take a Breath

Graduation can signify something other than an immediate way into the working world. It’s perfectly okay to take a breather and prioritize self-discovery. Consider a gap year – a dedicated relaxation, exploration, and personal growth period. 

This could involve traveling the world, volunteering for a cause you care about, or pursuing hobbies you don’t have time for. It’s a chance to recharge, gain new perspectives, and discover hidden passions that could influence your future. Immerse yourself in new cultures, broaden your horizons, and challenge yourself outside your comfort zone. 

Remember, taking a break isn’t falling behind; it’s a chance to reset, recharge, and return to the world with renewed purpose and a clearer vision for the future you want to create.

Final Thoughts

Savor your accomplishment, but don’t let the confetti blind you completely.  Now’s the time to update your resume, tailor it to your dream jobs, and polish your interview skills. Don’t hesitate to leverage your college career center or alumni network for guidance. 

Simultaneously, tackle those pesky student loans – research repayment options and create a budget to stay financially afloat. Most importantly, celebrate your newfound freedom, but remember, with great independence comes great responsibility. Familiarize yourself with adulting essentials –  from managing bills and groceries to healthcare and car maintenance. 

This checklist is just a starting point. Remember, the most important step is to choose a path that aligns with your passions and goals. 

So, take a deep breath, embrace the possibilities, and launch into your exciting future. “After graduation” may sound overwhelming, but don’t worry,  you’ve got this!


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