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Joyce Pring advocates for women choosing motherhood

joyce pring advocates for women choosing motherhood

Amid discussions surrounding the DINK (Dual Income, No Kids) lifestyle trend, Joyce Pring, a well-known podcaster and host, has stepped forward with a resounding message advocating for women who desire motherhood. 

Through an Instagram post, she shared her reflections, emphasizing motherhood’s fulfillment and purpose in her life.

Acknowledging the validity of the DINK lifestyle, Pring made it clear that her aim was not to disparage those who opt out of parenthood. 

Instead, she sought to offer encouragement and support to women who aspire to embrace motherhood despite prevalent fears about its impact on their careers and personal lives.

Reflecting on her journey, Pring recounted her initial apprehensions when contemplating motherhood. 

Despite concerns that her career might suffer, she found that the reality of raising children brought unparalleled joy and purpose into her life. 

Contrary to the naysayers, she discovered that motherhood enhanced rather than hindered her sense of fulfillment.

Addressing the misconception that advocating for motherhood equates to diminishing the value of other life choices, Pring clarified that she stands for women’s empowerment and autonomy. 

She emphasized that her advocacy is rooted in the belief that every woman should have the freedom to choose her path, whether it includes motherhood or not.

Joyce’s message resonated with many as she emphasized the importance of recognizing motherhood as a valid and fulfilling life choice in her podcast. 

“I want to address this to all the women out there who you know, have been lied to by society that the most important thing that you can ever amount to is the career you put out there,” Joyce Pring says.

“If you have a desire to have children, to have a family, huwag mong i-push down ‘yan tapos sasabihin mo: ‘Hindi! Meron pa akong career, meron pa akong kailangang gawin na ganito.’ I’ve met so many incredible women who got out of med school, got married, got pregnant immediately, and then started doing their residency. Nag-medical school sila, nag-law school sila while they’re raising their family,” she added.

She highlighted the sacrifices and challenges inherent in raising children but emphasized that they pale compared to the joy and blessings of nurturing the next generation.

“If women have done it before, what is stopping us from doing it right now. Children are not a hindrance to our dreams. I think we live now in a society that looks at children as burdens, but they’re not. Children are not burdens, it will require a lot of work, yes. It will require a lot of sacrifice, selflessness, sleepless nights, lifestyle changes, but it is absolutely the most beautiful journey that you could be on not only as a mom but also as husband and wife,” she claims.

In her closing statement in her Instagram post, Joyce reiterated her stance as pro-choice, affirming that she respects and supports the decisions of women who choose not to have children. 

“But for young women who DO want to get married and have kids, I want you to know, you will not ‘lose’ anything— at least not anything that could be more important than bringing life and raising the next generation. Motherhood is a beautiful calling — one that requires healing, hard work, sleepless years, and so much more. But it’s truly worth it. Our children are the biggest blessings we have ever received,” she said.

However, she urged young women who desire marriage and motherhood to avoid being deterred by societal pressures or misconceptions about the sacrifices involved.

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