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Iran vs Gilas: Gilas survives Iran’s comeback, enters semi-final

iran vs gilas gilas survives irans comeback enters semi final

After an intense match from Gilas vs Iran at the 19th Asian Games 2023 in Hangzhou, the Filipino players were able to catch up with the score 84-83, leading the Gilas Pilipinas to join the semi-final. The victory has placed the team in the Final Four for the first time since 2002. 

This was after Justin Brownlee exploded for 36 points and put the whole team on the lead. Brownlee also went in with 8 rebounds and 4 assists, assisted by Fajardo with 18 points and Thompson with 11 points resulting in an impressive teamwork from Gilas Pilipinas.

In the fourth quarter, Gilas took the lead with 21 points; however, the Iranian team eventually put in a hold after Matin Aghjanpour and Meisam Mirzaetalarposhti played well, causing the scores to be as close as 67-73. 

Putting more pressure on the Filipino fans, Iranian player Mohammadsina Vahedi also came with more shots, resulting in 81-80 on the scoreboard but Fajardo was able to successfully put up a defense after Calvin Oftana’s unsuccessful shot.

In the next few minutes, Iran took back the lead with 83-82 after Navid Rezaeifar threw a shot that made the scores move forward to 83-82. Brownlee, on the other hand, was able to take position and ended the Iran vs Gilas match at 84-83 leading to their successful triumph in the intense basketball game.

Coming out victorious, Gilas Pilipinas will be facing off against the host country, China, which they beat at the previous FIBA World Cup after the Philippine team led the scoreboard with 96-75.

The Gilas vs Iran Asian Games 2023 took place at the Zhejiang University, Zijingang Gymnasium, in China, on Tuesday, October 3.

On the other hand, The Philippines were grateful enough to have the 6-foot-6 (1.98m) forward Brownlee in the team. He was able to successfully prove that his crucial role should not be underestimated especially during tight games like the latest one they had against Iran.

Brownlee started his early days in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) and played in Barangay Ginebra where he won six conference titles, four PBA Governors’ Cups, and two PBA Commissioner’s Cups.

After the Iran vs Gilas match, do you think Gilas Pilipinas have what it takes to win the crown at the finals? Stay tuned!

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