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Orange & Lemons, Francine Diaz Mindoro gig goes viral

orange lemons francine diaz mindoro gig goes viral

Pinoy band Orange & Lemons and Francine Diaz were one of the guests during the “Governor and Vice Governor’s Night 2024” at the municipality of San Jose in Occidental Mindoro.

Orange and Lemons frontman Clem Castro advocated for respect towards artists, prompted by an incident during the gig where singer-actress Francine Diaz performed before them.

A viral video circulated on social media captured the moment when Orange and Lemons were preparing for their performance while Diaz was called on stage by the event host. 

Additionally, while Diaz interacted with the crowd, the band and others nearby appeared to be in discussion from the actress, who was interacting with her fans.

She paused for a while, looked at her back and asked if they could play her music. At this point, the discussion at the back continued.

Francine stood by for a while, requested her music be played, and began performing, catching the band off-guard. 

Additionally, the actress started performing and it can be heard that the band was strumming their guitar.

Instead of ending smoothly, the prepared performance of the actress seemed to have been disrupted because aside from the weak sound of her backing track, it was also accompanied by the electric guitar playing of Orange & Lemons.

The frustration of lead vocalist Clem Castro was also evident, who could do nothing but leave the stage, followed by his bandmates.

Moreover, conflicting statements emerged online regarding the incident, with allegations suggesting Diaz’s manager pressured organizers to allow her performance despite Orange & Lemons’ scheduled set, while the band claimed they were only expecting a greeting during their setup.

During Orange & Lemons’ performance, Clem couldn’t help but express his frustration over the “intrusion” that happened during their performance. 


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