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Influencers share opinion on 299-peso engagement ring issue

influencers share opinion on 299 peso engagement ring issue

The ongoing debate surrounding the 299-peso engagement ring has fueled discussions and debates across social media platforms. Netizens, in turn, have actively sought out opinions from Filipino influencers and content creators, urging them to take a stance amidst this controversy.

With this, several influencers have voiced out their perspectives on the 299-peso engagement ring issue. 

Entrepreneur, podcaster, and TikTok star Ayn Bernos, expressed her personal belief that, when it comes to something as significant as an engagement ring, she hopes the person giving it has adequately prepared for the occasion.

“Wala tayong background na alam kung mayaman or hindi si kuya,” Ayn added, emphasizing the challenge of forming an opinion on the ring issue with the apparent lack of context.

Meanwhile, YouTuber/vlogger and TikToker Toni Fowler posted a 9-minute video on TikTok, sharing her personal experience and opinions when it comes to rings, engagements, and love.

She shared the story of her ex-boyfriend Rob Moya, who used to give her expensive rings bought from other countries, adorned with real diamonds, gold, and even an expensive heirloom. Although she appreciated and loved the gesture, she often wished for a more meaningful effort rather than just expensive items, which didn’t truly matter to her. 

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She then recounted how her current boyfriend, Vince Flores (also known as Tito Vince), presented her with cheese rings alongside romantic setups when he asked her to be his girlfriend, to which she happily agreed. Toni Fowler also disclosed that if Tito Vince were to propose to her using a cheese ring, she would say yes because she knows he understands her the best and knows her preferences.

“Hindi sya dahil sa singsing, it’s the time and effort. Kung ma feel nang babae na hindi pinaghandaan, matagal nang may hinanakit ‘yan,” she stated.

In a recent episode EXpecially for you on It’s Showtime, Vice Ganda also couldn’t help but relate the issue to the guests, saying, “Pwede kase s’yang maging issue, pwede rin s’yang hindi issue kung napag-uusapan ninyo. Malay natin, “299 lang ’to ha pero wag kang mag-alala meron akong 1 milyon, ilalaan ko kase yon para sa future, kaya sa singsing 299 lang muna.”

Additionally, in a Facebook post, content creator and entrepreneur Prince Dennmarc Umpad expressed a belief that the effort put into the proposal holds greater significance than the price. While acknowledging that a less expensive ring might raise questions about its meaning, he emphasized the importance of a heartfelt promise or commitment over monetary value.

Prince also shared that, “If I can’t afford a ring that reflects my readiness to marry you, I’ll use the challenge as motivation to elevate myself for our future together.”

The ring issue has been the talk of social media over the weekend, stirring conversations with numerous memes and Facebook postings.

Ikaw Higala, what is your take on the engagement ring issue? Share it with us in the comment box!

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