Home GUIDE: How to Renew Business Permit in Quezon City 2024?

GUIDE: How to Renew Business Permit in Quezon City 2024?

guide how to renew business permit in quezon city 2024

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Business permits are important factors any local organization should have for continuous operations and engagement within the target market. Having an updated business permit within Quezon City is crucial in remaining engaged in commercial activities. Thus, having your QC business permit renewal as soon as possible would greatly help for a better business transaction in the long run. 

Understanding Business Permit Renewal Within The City

Business permit renewal is crucial for businesses to remain legally compliant. It allows businesses to perform, operate, and sell within the city. Knowing about the business permit renewal process ensures that the latest requirements and guidelines are employed and followed. The process also ensures that the businesses within Quezon City adhere to the latest legal requirements.

Quezon City is popular for most businesses because it is the largest city in the Philippines’ Capital, Metro Manila. New and ongoing businesses have wider access to diverse customer ranges. 

Business Permit Requirements in Quezon City

Specific requirements need to be met to ensure that the business renewal process is completed with little to no hassle. Here is a list of business permit requirements within Quezon City:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Barangay Business Clearance
  • Copy of previous Business Permit and Receipt
  • Community Tax Certificate
  • Company Documents

Step-by-Step Guide to Renewing Business Permit

The renewal process for any business has been simplified over time to ensure an orderly procedure. The following steps guide you on how to renew a business permit in Quezon City:

  • Applicants must settle their business taxes from last year with the city’s treasurer office. The applicants should also check the Dues and Taxes guidelines for more details.
  • Applicants should proceed to the Business Permits and Licensing Department (BPLD), located either at the Treasurer’s Office or other business centers in the city.
  • Scan the QR code provided and enter the Business Tax Official Receipt Number. 
  • Applicants may also log in via the QC E-Services portal to file their business permit renewal. 
  • Once the application is approved, applicants will automatically receive the Mayor’s Permit e-copy via their registered email. Upon approval, the original copy of the renewed business permit will be delivered to the business address.

Tips for a Hassle-Free Business Permit Renewal

To ensure that the business permit renewal process is a success, consultation with the local government within Quezon City is needed. Businesses must inquire about the other legal requirements as additional documents may differ depending on the business.

The LGU also utilizes online forms as an alternative and convenient approach for applicants to undergo their renewal process. The website has the necessary forms and submission procedures for applicants to have an easier approach to renewing their permits.

Associated Fees for Permit Renewal in Quezon City

The business permit renewal process requires specific fees for specific documentation. The Annual Registration Fee of Php 500 is critical before proceeding to your local Business Permit Licensing Office (BPLO). This fee should be applied to your renewed BIR registration. 

Additional fees also vary depending on the requirements made by the LGU, such as the renewal fee of Php 235. Skipping or delaying the business permit renewal comes with specific penalties, such as a 25% surcharge on the assessed business taxes and an additional 2% penalty, such as surcharges.


Renewing a business permit in Quezon City is as important and necessary as any other renewal process outside the city. The renewal process requires specific legal documentation and a more streamlined process online. Thus, you need to know the steps when renewing for a better process. 

For more inquiries and concerns, contact +63 2 8988-4242 or email helpdesk@quezoncity.gov.ph. 

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