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GUIDE: How to Check CSC Rating 

guide how to check csc rating

Have you ever thought about working for the government? If so, you should consider taking the Career Service Exam, also known as the Civil Service Exam (CSE). This test, conducted biannually by the Civil Service Commission (CSC), determines your eligibility for public service work. Checking your CSC rating will indicate whether you’ve passed the exam. 

CSC Rating Result

The CSE passing score is 80 percent. You are allowed to take the CSE as many times as necessary. However, the exam can only be taken once every three months. So, if you do not pass, you must wait another three months before you can retake it.

How to Check Rating in Civil Service Exam

Are you awaiting the results of the August 2023 Civil Service Examination (CSE)? Regardless of whether you passed or failed, you can view your rating using the Online Career Service Examination Result Generation System (OCSERGS).

How to use OCSERGS?

The Online Career Service Examination Result Generation System (OCSERGS) offers a quick and convenient method to check your CSE rating. To retrieve your results, you need to provide the required information.

  1. Go to the OCSERGS portal by clicking this link: https://erpo.csc.gov.ph/ocsergs/
  2. Enter your information in the corresponding data fields. 
  3. Make sure that you entered the correct information before clicking the “Submit” button. 
  4. OCSERGS will generate your results per competency area and your general rating on Notice of Rating. 

Understanding your Civil Service Exam result rating is not a difficult task. Your general rating must be 80 percent or above to pass the exam. After passing the test, you can claim your Certificate of Eligibility. Take note that you can only claim your certificate approximately thirty days after the posting of results. 

Passing the Civil Service Eligibility allows you to apply for permanent government jobs. This also entitles you to benefits such as competitive salaries, insurance, and career growth opportunities. Therefore, one should know the factors that affect your CSC exam rating. 

For the Professional level, there will be questions for the following topics such as numerical, verbal and analytical ability. As for the Subprofessional level, there will be questions for the following topics such as numerical, verbal, and clerical ability. Conducting a review on these subjects increases your chance of passing the CSE. 

Several local government units (LGUs) provide complimentary exam reviews to their staff and citizens. To find out if your local government does this, reach out to the relevant offices directly. Furthermore, you can visit the CSC website for additional details about the civil service exam. 

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