Home Guide: E-Arrival Cards in the Philippines for International Travelers 

Guide: E-Arrival Cards in the Philippines for International Travelers 

guide e arrival cards in the philippines for international travelers

Since there is a relatively new system to e-arrival cards in the Philippines, this article aims to serve as a guide for travelers in their registration process. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the topic.

What is e-Arrival Card Philippines?

An e-arrival card is used in the e-travel system to collect data for passengers entering and exiting the Philippines, utilizing border control, health surveillance, and economic data analysis. The implementation of these cards began in December 2022 in the shift from the old system to the present. Travelers can access the portal via https://etravel.gov.ph/.

Is an E-Arrival Card Needed in the Philippines?

Yes, it is needed for people departing and arriving in the Philippines. This need applies to both Filipino and foreign passport holders entering or leaving via sea or air. Those who need to register include:

  • Tourists
  • Businessmen visiting
  • Individuals visiting family or friends
  • Passengers who have layover in the country
  • Filipino locals

In order to seamlessly complete the process, ensure that you have all the necessary documents and requirements.

What are the Requirements for an eTravel Declaration?

For e-arrival card registrations, individuals declaring their travels should have the following requirements:

  • Valid passport
  • Flight/Sea transport bookings
  • Proof of accommodation

The Philippines also has a list health requirements to meet in order to complete the travel declaration form that individuals must answer, including:

  • Are you fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or SARS CoV-2?
  • Have you had a history of exposure to probable and/or confirmed COVID-19 patients two weeks before the emergence of signs and symptoms? Or if asymptomatic, fourteen days before swabbing or collection of the specimen?
  • Are you aware of any exposure to monkeypox patients?
  • Have you been feeling ill in the last month?

How Do I Get An e-Arrival Card in the Philippines?

Travelers applying for their eTravel QR codes must visit the official eTravel portal mentioned above and fill-out the necessary information and complete the health declaration form. After successfully filling out the application, travelers are issued a QR code that they can download or screenshot to present on their travel day.

Do I Need to Register for eTravel for Departure?

Yes, you need to register for departure, as previously mentioned everyone entering and leaving the country must register for eTravel and designated personnel are tasked to check for this documentation in order for travelers to enter and leave the country seamlessly.

How Much Do I Need to Pay?

The e-arrival card does not require any payment in the official portal. It is essential to process your travel declaration form in the official portal set by the Philippine government. The portal includes an electronic passenger registration and Health Declaration Checklist (HDC) for travelers. It is important to be cautious of any fraudulent fees or charges in relation to the travel declaration.

How Long Before Traveling Should I Need to Register?

Travelers have a minimum of seventy-two hours or three days to register for an e-arrival card in the Philippines. It is essential to reiterate that travelers entering or exiting the Philippines must register for the eTravel documentation in order to seamlessly leave or enter the country. 

Is it Necessary to Print The Declaration Form?

Travelers have the option to print the issued eTravel QR code or to simply present it upon arrival or departure. However, in ensuring a seamless travel to always have a back-up copy. There may be technological malfunctions that may lead to difficulty in presenting the softcopy. 

Do Kids Need Their Own Declaration?

Yes, children need an individual declaration form for an e-arrival card regardless of their age. Moreover, a child’s registration cannot be incorporated into their parent’s or guardian’s form. Every individual entering or exiting the Philippines must each have their own form regardless of age. 

Is eTravel Required for Domestic Flights?

No, an eTravel QR code is not required for domestic travel. This measure is only necessary for international travel, both for Filipino passport holders and foreigners who intend to leave or enter the country, even if it is just a layover.

What to do After Registration?

Once you have completed the registration and issued a QR code, all you have to do is save a copy. You can either download it or take a screenshot and it is solely up to you whether you print a physical copy or not. However, a physical copy is always an ideal back up. On the day of your travel, you will be asked to present your QR code to designated travel personnel.


In summary, all travelers entering and leaving the Philippines must present their e-arrival card, regardless of reason of travel, age, and more. However, eTravel QR codes are not essential for domestic travel, they are only necessary for international travels. 

It is also important to emphasize that travelers are not required to pay any amount to be issued an eTravel QR code for e-arrival cards. The Philippine government’s official portal does not require travelers to pay a specified amount for the QR code and it is important to remember that this is vital information and should only be processed in official portals. If you ever find yourself being asked to pay for the specified service, it is essential to file a report with the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC).

For more information about these travel declaration documents, make sure to visit reputable sites and the government’s official portal.

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