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GUIDE: Travel Insurances in the Philippines and Where to Get One

guide travel insurances in the philippines and where to get one

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Now that travel restrictions have been eased, more people want to travel around or outside the Philippines. Seasoned travelers know that trips require meticulous planning and budgeting to be successful. Aside from acquiring travel requirements, many don’t know where to get travel insurance, so they often forgo acquiring it since they view it as an added cost. But if they get the right one, having a plan can be beneficial.

It helps keep costs down and ensures their safety in case of unforeseen circumstances during their trip. To know where to secure a plan, below is a list of travel insurance companies in the Philippines.

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Before discussing where to get travel insurance in the Philippines, below is a quick breakdown of what a few insurance types cover to help travelers select the right one for their trip.

  • Cancel for Any Reason Insurance – this plan is handy for travelers with schedules that can change anytime. It covers the cost of trip cancellation, so travelers can still get a portion of their money back.
  • Trip Interruption – this plan covers the cost of canceling or ending their trip early due to unexpected reasons, such as serious illness, injury, or natural disasters. 
  • Emergency Medical Plan – covers healthcare costs in case a traveler gets sick during their trip and must see a doctor.

Where to Get Travel Insurance in the Philippines?

Now that travelers know the significance of insuring their trips, the next step is to find out where to find reputable travel insurance in the country. Since various establishments offer plans in the country, it can be overwhelming for travelers to narrow their choices.

Aside from considering the cost, they’ll also need to examine other factors, like the type of insurance that suits their needs best. Below is a list of travel insurance companies in the Philippines so travelers know their available options.

AXA Philippines

AXA Philippines is currently one of the country’s fastest-growing insurance companies offering financial security to thousands of Filipino citizens. Their travel insurance covers a wide range of options that are applicable worldwide. These include:

  • Medical costs for hospitals and doctor fees
  • Emergency medical evacuation in case of serious illness or injuries
  • Travel cancellations or interruptions
  • Lost baggage or personal belongings

AIG Travel

If globetrotters are still unsure where to buy travel insurance in the Philippines, AIG‘s Travel Guard is one of the world’s leading insurance providers catering to leisure or business travelers. Their travel insurance plan covers the following:

  • Medical costs for doctor fees and hospitals
  • Emergency medical evacuation for serious injuries or illnesses
  • Baggage loss or delay
  • Travel document loss
  • Trip cancellation or interruption
  • Child protection
  • Flight delays

Malayan Insurance

Malayan Insurance precedes its reputation as one of the leading non-life insurance companies in the country. It provides comprehensive insurance services that cater to local and international clients. Their travel insurance covers the following:

  • Emergency medical treatments
  • Personal accidents
  • Travel expenses recovery
  • Travel inconvenience benefits
  • Travel assistance benefits

Pacific Cross

Pacific Cross is one of the most reputable establishments in this list of travel insurance companies in the Philippines. Based in the Philippines, they focus on serving ASEAN countries since they have sister companies in Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. Their travel insurance covers the following:

  • Emergency medical coverage for hospitals and doctor fees
  • In-patient and out-patient care
  • Personal accident
  • Baggage loss or delay
  • Funeral and burial expenses

Standard Insurance

Standard Insurance is a Philippines-based insurance company that offers financial protection for families, assets, and businesses. Their flexible travel insurance covers the following:

  • Medical expense benefits
  • Discounted rates for group travelers
  • Premium payment convenience
  • Reimbursement type of settlement

How to Choose the Right Travel Insurance 

From the comprehensive list of travel insurance providers in the Philippines, selecting a plan to ensure their safety and protection can be a big decision for a traveler. To help narrow down their choices, below are a few tips they can keep in mind when choosing:

  1. Assessing their travel needs to determine what level of coverage they’ll need for their trip.
  2. Choosing which coverage to prioritize will help them determine which plan to choose (i.e., medical, trip cancellation/interruption, lost baggage, or travel delay).
  3. Comparing plans from different companies allows them to assess their exclusions and limitations.
  4. Understanding their claim process lets them know the steps for filing a claim, the requirements to present, and the time it takes to receive the reimbursement.
  5. Considering the quality of customer support a company provides can also be crucial. You want a responsive and helpful company, especially if you run into emergencies during your trip.


Travel insurance may not be the first requirement an individual considers when planning a trip, but acquiring one can be beneficial in the long run. It protects them against unforeseen circumstances and helps lower their expenses in medical emergencies. The list of travel insurance companies in the Philippines may be comprehensive, but taking time to consider their travel insurance coverage will help travelers settle on a suitable one for their trip.

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