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GUIDE: La Union Travel Requirements for Tourists

guide la union travel requirements for tourists

La Union travel requirements are no longer as restrictive as last year. Just in 2022, La Union reopened its doors for leisure travelers with a few requirements to meet in order to visit the tourist hot spot. There were different requirements for COVID-19 vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists, which are as follows:

  • Vaccinated tourists:
    • Approved QR-Coded Tourist Pass (QTP) from NAPANAM QR Pass
    • Government-issued ID
    • Pre-booked accommodation from DOT-accredited establishment
    • Vaccination card or certificate
  • Unvaccinated visitors:
    • Approved QR-Coded Tourist Pass (QTP) from NAPANAM QR Pass
    • Government-issued ID
    • Pre-booked accommodation from DOT-accredited establishment
    • Negative RT-PCR test taken three days before arrival date from accredited health centers

A Rundown of Travel Requirements

Ever since COVID-19 cases have gone down, local government units (LGUs) have minimized their travel requirements for tourists. There are no longer La Union travel pass requirements for 2023 for Filipinos. However, visiting foreigners must pay a $1 environmental fee to their accredited accommodation establishment. This section of the article aims to discuss the previous travel requirements issued by the La Union local government unit.

Registration Through NAPANAM

When La Union just reopened its doors for tourists, they required a pass that can be obtained via the NAPANAM website. At that time visiting individuals had to provide their basic personal information, address, and emergency contact to be issued a QR code. 

Pre-arranging Travel Accommodations and Tours

Although there are no longer La Union travel requirements for 2023, just last year tourists were required to pre-book their accommodations and tours and present it to designated personnel in order to proceed with their vacation. Moreover, only DOT-accredited local travel agencies were the only acceptable options. All tourists were required to partner with registered agencies or they were not permitted to enter La Union.

Get Tested for COVID-19

Those who weren’t able to get vaccinated against COVID-19 were required to take an RT-PCR before entering La Union’s area. Tourists were required to present a negative RT-PCR COVID-19 test taken within 3 days before the set visit to the area. This measure is no longer necessary in the current year.

Tourist Access pass (TAP)

Before La Union travel requirements were lifted in 2023, tourists had to present their issued travel QR codes and government-issued IDs at the Tourism One-Stop-Shop to get their Tourist Access Pass (TAP). 

What to Do in La Union?

Now that most travel restrictions have been lifted and masks are no longer mandatory around the Philippines, Filipinos and tourists can now freely explore what our tourism sector has to offer. La Union boasts several beautiful beaches that tourists can visit and other events in the area.

Cabongaoan Beach

This beach in La Union showcases a pristine and relaxing escape for travelers. The beach has white sand, clear waters, and beautiful surrounding rock formations ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and just basking in the sun. 

Surfing Spots for Enthusiasts

There are several surfing spots in the Philippines for enthusiasts to explore. With La Union travel pass requirements in 2023 basically non-existent tourists can now explore Urbiztondo beach or Carille beach for surfing. These beaches have instructors on standby for aspiring surfers to hire.

Kalbaryo sa San Fernando Festival

The Philippines is rich in festival culture with various traditional and modern events associated with the festival. For Kalbaryo sa San Juan specifically, it is a yearly festival during the Holy Week that boasts Filipino Catholicism. 

Ma-Cho Temple

A religious site in San Fernando, La Union, the temple is the first Taoist temple in the country and one of the biggest temples outside the country of China. It is located on a hill in downtown San Fernando that overlooks the South China Sea. The temple is a project of tourism minister Jose D. Aspiras in coordination with the Chinese community.


With La Union travel requirements at a minimum for locals and just a dollar environmental fee for foreigners, the area is an ideal vacation place for individuals who want to explore beautiful beaches and other religious sites and traditions. However, these travel requirements may change without prior notice should COVID-19 cases rise again. It is essential to stay updated before visiting to ensure a seamless adventure in La Union.

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