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Girls’ Generation reveals ‘GORGEOUS’ teaser images for August comeback

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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — SM Entertainment has confirmed Girls’ Generation’s long-awaited return and revealed that the K-pop icons would release a new album this August 2022.

Girls’ Generation released individual teaser photographs for their highly anticipated comeback.

The photographs showed the band taking a taxi to their destination, giving supporters “Mr. Taxi” feelings, the group’s first original Japanese song revealed in 2011.

More teaser photographs with the idea of Cosmic Festa are set to be revealed between July 31 and August 3.

On August 5, the iconic K-pop girl group will release the digital album and music video for the lead track, marking the 15th anniversary of their first single, “Into The New World.”

The title single “FOREVER1” is claimed to be about the promise of eternal love and was created by songwriter-producer Kenzie of SM Entertainment.

“Girls’ Generation’s 7th full-length album FOREVER 1 song will be published on August 5 to celebrate their anniversary for their debut, followed by an event to celebrate their 15th anniversary with the fans,” the group said on Twitter.

Aside from the new song, the girls will also appear on TV shows and host their reality shows.

See updates about the SNSD August comeback below:

Girl’s Generation

Also known as Sonyeo Shidae (or SNSD), the K-pop girl group made its debut in 2007 with the chart-topping hit “Into The New World.” They’ve continued their popularity with songs cherished by K-pop fans throughout the years, including “Gee,” “I Got A Boy,” “The Boys,” and “Mr. Taxi,”

In addition to becoming famous as a group, the members are incredibly successful as solo artists and actresses.

We’ve seen how the iconic K-pop girl group Girls’ Generation evolved from bubblegum pop successes like “Gee” and “Genie” to more mature, attitude-packed EDM tracks like “Catch Me If You Can.”

Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, YoonA, and Seohyun are the current group members, which has won several awards and established female power in K-pop since 2007. –WhatALife!/Brix

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