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fcj: Redefining Pop and Indie Music Production in the Philippines

fcj redefining pop and indie music production in the philippines

fcj is a remarkable pop and indie music producer based in the Philippines. With his ability to blend genres, capture melodies, and head bangable beats, fcj has become a known producer in the Philippines and is set to make his mark on the industry. 

The artist has increased over 10 million streams on Spotify alone as he also puts out music on different platforms such as Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Apple Music. Creating beats ranging from lo-fi to electronic to R&B, fcj infuses these various genres in a way he describes as the “sound of the internet,” capturing the chill and youthful recklessness of the upcoming generation. 

His portfolio speaks for itself with an impressive discography, top hits, famous albums, and collaboration with amazing artists.

Besides his 10 million audio streams, fcj has over 2 million listeners, over 10k social media followers, and over 1 million video views. The artist shows that he produces quality music to create these numbers, truly making it an impressive feat as he only creates his music in his bedroom. 

Every year the artist gets millions of streams. fcj has posted a few of his results of SpotifyWrapped in his Instagram stories showing his progress as an artist. 

fcj has 230,644 monthly listeners in his Spotify account as of June 21.

Since he is a music producer, he collaborates with other musicians to sing with the meticulous beats he creates. By working with other talented artists and using each other’s expertise to elevate their music, his ability to utilize the singers’ talents and make it shine even more shows his talent in the field.

fcj recently released a new song collaborating with Alys and Myno on April 14 on Spotify, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Apple Music. 

Some of the music fcj has made with Alys has received much attention. One of the songs they have made together, “Gamble,” has produced over 1.9 million plays. Not only are the collab songs popular, but even fcj’s beats also get a lot of attention, with “And then, I found you” getting over 3.6 million plays and “Same Stars” having over 3.4 million plays.

He has also collaborated with other musicians such as Chevy, an artist with over 890,000 monthly listeners, and made their song “All Night” reach over 2.1 million plays.

The artist made a one-hour mix for There, There on 88rising radio in 2021. 88rising is a popular music company from America mostly famous for its Asian American artists such as NIKI, Joji, RichBrian, and more. 

To know more about the artist, click here to check his official website. – WhatALife!/Zain

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