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eGov PH Super App (Features, Registration, and more!)

eGov PH Super App (Features, Registration, and more!)

The eGov PH, also known as the e-Government Philippines, is a mobile application that simplifies transactions between the government and citizens. The comprehensive eGov PH Super App, launched in June 2023, digitizes and streamlines national and local government functions. 

The app offers a wide range of services, including SIM registration, job application, healthcare assistance, job application, e-payments, banking services, travel declaration processes, and more.

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eGov PH Super App services

The app so far offers ten services you can avail of depending on your account type. If you have yet to verify yours, the only services you could use are “Tourism” and “Health.” 


In the meantime, here are the services available on the eGov PH Super App:

National Government Agencies (NGA)

You can find a list of different National Government Agencies (NGAs) and a search bar in the search part of the application. The egov ph super app feature easily links you to the websites of particular services you might need, including the SSS Member portal or NBI Clearance. 

Note: Please be advised that the search feature only looks up the advertised services, not the specific ones the organizations offer.

Local Government Services (LGUs)

Another feature is the one labeled LGU, which will show you the services a specific local government unit offers. You can change cities by selecting the “Select LGU” button.


This feature directs you to eJobs, where you may follow the three easy steps on the page to produce a digital resume. You can highlight your skills, credentials, licenses, certificates, and education to employers, standing out in the competitive job market.


Under Tourism, contains Department of Tourism information and photographs of some of the country’s best tourist spots. Some of these locations are Coron, Boracay, Puerto Princesa, Siquijor, Dumaguete, Bohol, and Ilocos Norte.

There’s also a tab on top where you can ideally choose among beachfront, mountain, island, and camping destinations. eGov Super App also houses the Bureau of Immigration’s eTravel system for arriving and departing passengers in the country.

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Start-up connects you to the Startup Innovations Portal,the central information hub for issues about the startup scene in the Philippines. Please be aware that a separate registration is necessary to access all its features.


Users with unverified accounts can also use the Health section’s services. This would provide you with a list of hospitals and clinics in your area or other cities you could look up. For every establishment, directions are available on Google Maps or Waze.

SIM Card

This feature makes it easier to register unregistered SIMs by allowing you to access the SIM registration pages of Globe, Smart, DITO, and GOMO.


One of its most notable features is the app’s ability to let users report different situations to authorities via the People’s Feedback Mechanism. You can file crimes, such as woman and child abuse, scamming incidents, overpricing, or accidents, through the egov ph super app’s Report feature. Just write your letter, including any supporting documentation, and send it.

How to register your account?

Download the eGov PH Super App on Google PlayStore or Apple App Store to get started. Anyone who is at least 18 years old can create an account on the app. 

Here are the three easy steps:

  • To create an account, enter your mobile number and use a one-time pin for authentication.
  • To get access to all of the egov ph app’s features, verify your account by entering your basic information on the app to access all features. Verifying your account requires your national ID or PhilSys number. 
  • Finally, complete the face verification process and wait for the app to send you an email about your account’s approval.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the eGov PH Super app? 

This app makes it possible for everyone in the country to be inclusive and empowered—no one is left behind. The public will now have simple access to a variety of online services and information provided by local and national governmental bodies, all contained in a single smartphone application.

Is the eGov app legit? 

Yes. Giving overseas Filipino workers the social help they require is one of the goals of the eGov PH Super App. Make sure your account is validated with your PhilSys Number in order to gain access to government services.

What is e gov app? 

All government services are combined into a single application called the eGovPH App, which acts as a single operating system. The public can enjoy the comfort of this one-stop shop platform, which also makes transactions more efficient.

Final Thoughts

The breakthrough eGov PH Super App, digitalizes government-citizen interactions. The app streamlines national and LGU processes by offering SIM registration, job applications, healthcare support, e-payments, and more. Searching for jobs, tourism information, healthcare facilities, and reporting occurrences is accessible. Its user-friendly design and extensive services mark a significant step toward efficient, transparent, and accessible administration in the Philippines, empowering citizens and improving public services.


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