Home GUIDE: NBI Clearance Registration, Application, and Renewal

GUIDE: NBI Clearance Registration, Application, and Renewal

NBI Clearance Registration, Application, and Renewal

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The National Bureau of Investigation clearance is one of the most sought documents in the Philippines. NBI clearance is proof that you don’t have any criminal case at the national level, which is why numerous companies require an NBI Clearance. Since the online application is the most accessible way to obtain an NBI clearance, here is a guide on how to do it.

What is the purpose of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)?

The NBI is responsible for investigating, handling, and solving crimes in the nation’s interest. Including your name on NBI’s list of problematic people will have numerous companies and businesses reject any connection with them.

However, having an NBI clearance will clear your name of their suspicions. Clearing off the NBI’s list of problematic people is also needed when traveling to other countries.

The Mandate of NBI

The NBI is tasked to investigate/take on the following cases:

  1. Extrajudicial killings by state security forces against media practitioners.
  2. Murders of judges and justices 
  3. Infringement of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 
  4. Cases from the Inter-Agency Anti-Graft Coordinating Council
  5. Anti-Dummy Law cases
  6. Human trafficking in Airports in The Philippines
  7. Incidents involving threats to security or assaults against persons of high position in the Philippine Government
  8. Transnational crimes
  9. Natural disaster victims’ identification
  10. Violations of:

NBI Clearance for First-Time Job Seekers

  • Police clearance ;
  • NBI clearance;
  • Barangay clearance;
  • Public hospital Medical certificate (other medical procedures required for the grant of a medical certificate shall not be free of charge)
  • Certificate of Birth;
  • Certificate of Marriage;
  • State colleges’ and universities’ Transcript of academic records;
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN);
  • Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) card; and
  • Government-issued documentary requirements that employers might require from job applicants.

Given that the NBI clearance is also a government document, the RA 11261 mandate applies to its acquisition as long as the applicant submits the following Government issued IDs:

  • UMID;
  • Passport;
  • PSA Certified Birth Certificate
  • Driver’s License 
  • National ID
  • Etc.

Non-government IDs and Barangay Clearances are not honored as valid IDs.

Steps for NBI Clearance Online Registration

Since the Philippines has a complex geographic location, acquiring an NBI clearance can be expensive and lengthy. With the advent of digitalizing most government processes, the NBI has also found a way to transfer their registration process online. 

Step 1: Website Registration

The image shown above is for the applicants who already have an NBI Clearance before and lost their NBI Clearance. The process is also the same for the first-time jobseekers’ page, with the only difference in the heading and the absence of the yes/no checkbox.

If you want a new NBI clearance, check the NO box asking if you have the issued NBI Clearance from 2014. Input all the boxes with your personal information honestly and double-check any typos to avoid future complications.

If you still have your 2014-issued NBI Clearance and still need to register in NBI Online registration, check the YES and fill in the following spaces with your information and enter your old NBI number. Your NBI number is at the top left on your NBI clearance.

Afterward, make sure to READ and ACCEPT TERMS OF SERVICES. Then, complete the CAPTCHA required, before clicking sign up.

Step 2. NBI One-Time Password

The NBI will send an OTP to verify the validity of the information you have given and as a security precaution to avoid fake registration using random mobile phone numbers.

Input the received OTP to proceed with the registration immediately since the OTP sent will expire within the next 5 minutes. You will have to fill in the details again to receive another OTP.

Step 3. Fill up the Application Information

Ensure to correctly input all the spaces with the required information to obtain an NBI clearance. Also, double-check all the info provided for typos and mistakes before submitting. The image below is an example of a filled-up application form.

Application Information nbi online registration NBI ONLINE REGISTRATION | NBI CLEARANCE Application Information


Step 4. Choosing Your Valid IDs

After filling up the application form, you must choose the ID you will present for the Face-to-Face evaluation. The image below shows all the valid IDs that are accepted. Although they may only need one, bring all the possible valid IDs you have as an extra precaution.

Valid IDs - NBI Online Registration nbi online registration NBI ONLINE REGISTRATION | NBI CLEARANCE Valid IDs NBI Online Registration 1024x359


Step 5. NBI Appointment Schedule

Once you have chosen which valid ID you will present, you will appoint a schedule to your nearest NBI Branch to give you time to prepare the required documents and IDs and for an orderly process.

Choose a date and time acceptable to you and your nearest NBI branch to avoid expensive travel fees. The NBI follows most government office time, which is open Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Appointment Schedule - NBI Online Registration nbi online registration NBI ONLINE REGISTRATION | NBI CLEARANCE Appointment Schedule Sample NBI Online Registration


Step 6. NBI Online Registration Payment Methods

Once you’re done with the appointment, payment is the next step to finish your online transaction. There are six available payment methods for you to proceed to the next phase of obtaining your NBI clearance, as shown below.

Payment Sample - NBI Online Registration nbi online registration NBI ONLINE REGISTRATION | NBI CLEARANCE Payment Sample NBI Online Registration


These six payment options are:

  • Bank Over the Counter
  • Online Bank
  • Bayad Center Outlets
  • Bayad Center Mobile App
  • ECPay
  • 7-Eleven.

To proceed with your payment:

  1. Choose a payment option on the given payment methods shown in the screenshot above.
  2. Click one of the six options, and a popup will show for a reminder.
  3. Click on Proceed to generate a Reference Number.

The image below is a Reference Number Sample for paying in Bayad Centers.

Reference Number Sample - NBI Online Registration nbi online registration NBI ONLINE REGISTRATION | NBI CLEARANCE Reference Number Sample NBI Online Registration 300x259


When paying your NBI Clearance, bring your Reference number and ask the guard for help upon entering any payment centers.

Step 7. In-Person Appearance

On the appointment day, proceed to the NBI branch, where you have made an appointment. The final process for claiming your NBI clearance is gathering the following information:

  • Photo
  • Fingerprint
  • Biometrics

If you registered to renew your NBI clearance, you wouldn’t need an appointment for the face-to-face application. Instead, you can opt for delivering your NBI clearance to your address.

Remember to bring at least 2 valid IDs and your payment receipt when claiming your NBI clearance. In addition, informal attire such as wearing Sando and sportswear are not allowed inside government offices, including the NBI Office.

Final Tips

If you are unsure of how to proceed upon arriving at the NBI office, you can always ask the guard by the door or any NBI personnel for help, and they will happily oblige. The transaction will be smooth and fast if you have successfully followed every step of the process for online registration. – WhatALife!/Vaughn

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