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EA Guzman, Shaira Diaz announce engagement after 11 years 

ea guzman shaira diaz announce engagement after 11 years

Edgar Allan “EA” Guzman and Shaira Diaz have made a heartfelt revelation, announcing their engagement since 2021 after eight years of their relationship.

On February 16, the couple proudly announced their engagement on the morning show “Unang Hirit,” with Guzman making the happy announcement during his guest appearance.

Addressing the query on why they chose to keep their engagement private for nearly three years, EA emphasized his respect for Shaira and her personal timeline.

EA known for his roles in various television dramas and films, shared the news with heartfelt sincerity, expressing his utmost respect for Diaz’s wishes to keep their engagement private until she felt ready to share it publicly. 

In echoing sentiments, Shaira Diaz conveyed her readiness to publicly embrace their engagement, underscoring her preparedness for the journey of building a family with her enduring partner. 

She emphasized that she is truly ready to start a family in the future and with EA.

Looking ahead, Shaira Diaz shared the importance of both partners being financially prepared for their dream wedding. 

Shaira is already 28 years old, while EA Guzman’s age is 34 years old. 

Shaira Diaz and EA Guzman’s relationship journey as a couple began in 2012, when they initially crossed paths on a reality show, culminating in their relationship a year later. 

As EA and Shaira anticipate celebrating their 11th anniversary on Saturday, Feb. 17, their enduring love story continues to inspire others with its commitment and genuine affection.

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