Home Jaya involved in a car accident on her way to Regine Velasquez’s concert

Jaya involved in a car accident on her way to Regine Velasquez’s concert

Jaya involved in a car accident on her way to Regine Velasquez’s concert

Singer Jaya Gotidoc and her friends recently encountered a life-changing experience when they were involved in a car accident while on their way to Regine Velasquez’s concert in the US. 

Jaya Gotidoc, along with her friends, discovered themselves in the center of a terrifying and unsettling period, when their journey to attend Regine Velasquez’s concert in the US took an unexpected turn.

“On a ride from Sacramento, California, on the way to Graton Casino to see my friends and watch Regine V’s concert… when all of a sudden we get into a car collision,” Jaya recalled.

“My friend Dr. Josephine Weber was driving and with us was Auntie Merly Escolta (her cousin) when suddenly we got hit from the back,” she said.

Taking to social media, Jaya shared a glimpse of the accident’s aftermath, posting a video on Instagram that showed her being wheeled on a stretcher and revealing the extent of damage sustained by their vehicle. 

Despite the chaos and trauma of the accident, Her unwavering spirit shone through as she leaned on her faith for strength and solace. Jaya turned to scripture for comfort, quoting a verse from the Book of Isaiah: “Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you, yes, I will help, and I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” 

Her message resonated deeply with her followers, serving as a powerful reminder of the importance of faith and resilience in times of adversity.

Jaya gave her fans the reassurance that while she is “doing okay,” her friends are still being examined by doctors and “they will be alright, by God’s grace.” 

We are grateful to Jesus for giving us divine protection and pouring out your blood to cover us. It might have been far worse. I’m glad Doc and Auntie Merls are okay.”

Using her platform as a force for advocacy, Jaya also seized the opportunity to raise awareness about road safety, urging her followers to prioritize wearing seatbelts at all times.

“Please wear your seatbelts at all times when you are in a vehicle, especially if you’re a back seat passenger,” she stressed.

Jaya’s message carried a profound weight, echoing the importance of taking preventive measures to avoid road accidents and ensure the safety of oneself and others.

Many flooded the comments section with wishes for her speedy recovery.

 “I’m so glad you and everyone involved are not seriously injured. How scary!” one fan wrote.

Another one commented, “Glad you’re safe mama Jaya! Praying for you, Doc Webber, and Ms. Merly’s speedy recovery!”


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