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Must-Know Details to Register with eTravel Philippines

e travel philippines a general guide

The digital landscape has made many processes convenient and straightforward in approach. Using a single digital platform, passengers can easily arrive in and depart from the country without any hassle. eTravel Philippines is a digital system that collects necessary data for border control, health surveillance, and economic data analysis.

General Introduction to eTravel

The Philippines has introduced the eTravel Declaration form to curb the transmission of the COVID-19 Virus. Today, all passengers are required to fill out and complete the eTravel Philippines Registration before entering and departing out of the country.

The registration is deemed mandatory under the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID). Despite the lift of lockdown and limited travel, the Philippine government still declared that eTravel is needed and will replace the old e-Arrival Card Registration. 

Who Needs to Register eTravel?

All international and local travelers are required to fill out and submit the eTravel pass. The registration should be filled out in order to enter the Philippines and depart from the country.  

Travelers who wish to do so are advised to submit an eTravel Online Declaration before departure in order to avoid being held up at immigration. Individuals arriving at either port of entry or departure must complete the application electronically before crossing the border or boarding the flight.

How to Register?

The registration also consists of only a simplified application process. The eTravel Registration form will require the following information:

  • Your Passport (You need to determine whether you are a Philippine or Foreign Passport Holder).
  • Citizenship (e.g. Filipino, American, Japanese.) 
  • Travel Type (Arrival or Departure.)
  • Transportation Type (Air or Sea.)
  • Date of Birth (Month-Day-Year by specific order.)
  • Your personal email address

Upon completion, an automated eTravel QR code will be generated. Once the QR code is received, you must take a screenshot or download it before closing or exiting the website or application page. You may also print your QR code for a physical copy.

Note: The QR code is required upon showing to any airline representative. 

Important Notes Upon Registration

It is importantly stated that the registration or update is absolutely free of charge, which also means it does not require or collect any form of online payment. eTravel is a web-based online platform, meaning that it can be opened only by a browser. However, it can be accessed through smartphones, laptops, or personal computers. 

Additionally, the official website is the only means to register for an eTravel pass. Be wary of 3rd-party apps and platforms that offer fake or fraudulent registration processes with payment involved. If you encounter any of these scam websites, please report the site to the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center (CICC).

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is the meaning of eTravel?

eTravel is short for Electronic Travel, which is a common nickname for The Philippines One-Stop Electronic Travel Declaration System. This specifies the system’s electronic approach in providing specific data in allowing individuals to enter and leave the country.

Is eTravel still required in the Philippines?

eTravel registration is still required for all passengers who are entering or leaving the Philippines by either air or sea. This includes tourists, passengers in transit, business travelers, and residents of the country.

Where do I register for eTravel?

All travelers who wish to register for eTravel can visit the official website (https://etravel.gov.ph/), where an online portal and registration form will be provided. Please be cautious of fake, fraudulent, or scam websites that offer eTravel registration with required payment. 

Note: eTravel registration is FREE of Charge and does not require any form of online payment. 

Do you still need the e-arrival card in the Philippines?

The Philippines government has released that the e-arrival card will be replaced by the eTravel system. The eTravel is still fundamental and requires to be filled out within 72 hours before departure from your country of origin. It is still required for both foreign national and local passport holders upon entering or leaving the country.

What should I do if I lose the screenshot of my QR code?

To retrieve your QR code, go to https://etravel.gov.ph/search and enter your reference number and date of birth, then press continue.

Closing Advice

While the eTravel Registration is designed to streamline the immigration processes for travelers, there are still some additional measurements that need to be followed. 

Specifically, for travelers who are entering the Philippines, mandatory health questions would be provided and needs to be answered for complying with Health Declaration requirements. The provided information will be used in facilitating a more efficient immigration process flow and minimize wasted time at the airport.

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