GUIDE: eTravel Registration for Philippine travelers in 3 easy steps

etravel registration

The Philippine Government has transitioned to eTravel Registration from the old eArrival Card Registration starting December 1, 2022. Registration to the new portal is a mandatory requirement for passengers traveling to the Philippines. Below are the three quick steps on how to navigate eTravel Registration.

How to download your eTravel Registration QR Code

Step 1: Visit 

To begin, visit the official eTravel Registration website.

Step 2: Register as either a Philippine Passport Holder or Foreign Passport Holder, then fill-in required information such as Transportation type, Date of Arrival, and Email address.

Step 3: Fill up your Personal Profile, Health Declaration, and Download the QR Code which you will present upon arrival.


Is eTravel Registration?

Yes. Access to the eTravel Registration platform is free.

When should I register for the eTravel Registration?

The Philippine Government requires international travelers to register and submit travel information, including health declaration found in the eTravel platform, 72 hours or three days before arrival to the Philippines.

What’s inside the eTravel Registration Platform?

The Health Declaration Checklist required by the Bureau of Quarantine for international travelers can be found on the platform. It also contains the electronic version of the paper Arrival Card, another mandatory requirement for immigration clearance.

Can I still use the One Health Pass Website?

No. Starting December 5, 2022, the One Health Pass Website will not be accessible to the public.

Can I still use the Arrival Card from the One Health Pass Website?

No. The Bureau of Immigration will stop using the paper version of the Arrival Card downloaded through the One Health Pass Website. 

International travelers are required to have the electronic version of the Arrival Card found in the eTravel platform.

For more information about eTravel Registration, check out its official FAQs page. – WhatALife!

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