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GUIDE: Requirements for Travel Pass to Province

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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, traveling was heavily restricted to limit the number of people entering and exiting the country to prevent the spread of the disease. Now that restrictions have been lifted in certain areas, foreigners and local citizens have more freedom to move through the country. 

However, for border control and health and safety reasons, travelers still need to obtain requirements for a travel pass to the province they’re planning to visit. For a complete list of the documents, read more below.

What is a travel pass?

A travel pass or S-PASS Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) is a type of traveling document that authorizes an individual to enter a specific province or city. The platform was developed by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) – Region VI as a way for domestic travelers to check for current travel policies and requirements in specific provinces. 

The requirements for a travel pass going to the province include registering on the S-PASS website by:

  • Entering their mobile number
  • Creating a password
  • Filling in personal information

Once that’s done, they can log into their account and apply for a travel permit by filling in an application form for their personal details, location, destination, date of arrival, and departure. They’ll also need to upload a photo of a valid ID and RT-PCR Test Result.

As of 2023, travelers are no longer required to register for an S-PASS but they may still need to acquire other requirements for a travel pass to the province of their choosing.

What are the requirements for a travel pass going to Manila from the province for 2023?

As the capital city of the Philippines, it’s no surprise that Manila is the epicenter for job opportunities. Considering the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, it’s no wonder that locals are traveling from the provinces to the bustling metropolitan to try their hand at searching for job opportunities.

But considering it’s also a hub for culture, nightlife, and shopping, foreigners are also drawn to the city. To travel to the metropolis, local and international travelers don’t need to obtain any requirements for a travel pass going to Manila from the province. They’ll only need to present their valid ID and travel itinerary or boarding pass to travel to the city.

What is the latest travel requirement for the Philippines?

As of April 2023, travelers are free to enter the Philippines without restrictions as long as they have the following:

  • Registration via the eTravel System 72 hours before arrival
  • Passport that’s valid at least six months upon arrival
  • Visa (if applicable)
  • Return ticket to their country or port of origin or next destination

Once they’re cleared through immigration, they don’t need to obtain any latest requirements for a travel pass going to the province. As long as they keep the above documents safe, they’re free to travel around the country.

What is the eTravel System?

The eTravel System is a digital collection platform for travelers entering and leaving the Philippines. It facilitates border control, health surveillance, and economic data analysis in the country. It also eliminates the need for international passengers to fill up arrival and departure cards, making it easier for immigration officers to clear them.

Is eTravel still required in the Philippines?

According to the latest regulations, eTravel is still required for traveling to and from the Philippines. Individuals who need to register or update their profiles in the eTravel system at least 72 hours before entering the country include:

  • Arriving Filipino and foreign travelers
  • Arriving Filipino and foreign flight crew members
  • Departing Filipino travelers

Note that the eTravel isn’t part of the requirements for a travel pass to the province. It’s only for passengers that are traveling internationally.

How much is eTravel Philippines?

Registration to the eTravel system is completely free of charge. Passengers only need to go to  their website through a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Beware of fake or scam entities that ask for payment for registering or updating an account.

What are the requirements for departure in the Philippines 2023?

For Filipinos or foreign nationals departing the Philippines, the only requirements they’ll need to present upon leaving the country are the following:

  • Passport valid for at least six months
  • Boarding pass
  • Outbound or roundtrip ticket to their point of origin or next destination
  • Visa (if applicable)

Final Thoughts

In previous years, the requirements for traveling to provinces around the Philippines were extensive due to the pandemic protocols. Travel passes were required to ensure citizens entering the provinces were negative for coronavirus to prevent the further spread of the virus.

Fortunately, now that travel restrictions are lifted, local and international travelers no longer need to obtain various requirements to travel throughout the country. For locals, they only need a valid ID and boarding pass to get to their destination. While foreigners will need their passport, outbound ticket, visa, and registration in the eTravel system to enter and exit the Philippines.

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