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DTI releases Noche Buena Price Guide

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES —  The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has released a Noche Buena Price Guide as of November 23, 2022.

The trade agency released the price guide for 12 seasonal products ahead of the holidays. Included in the list are ham, fruit cocktail, cheese, keso de bola, mayonnaise, sandwich spread, pasta/spaghetti, elbow macaroni, salad macaroni, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, and creamer/all-purpose cream.

See a summary of prices below:

Lowest PriceHighest Price
hamPhp 163.00Php 892.50
fruit cocktailPhp 56.00Php 288.00
cheesePhp 55.00Php 371.00
keso de bolaPhp 199.50Php 513.75
mayonnaisePhp 24.00Php 176.15
sandwich spreadPhp 26.00Php 252.00
pasta/spaghettiPhp 25.50Php 111.00
elbow macaroniPhp 23.00Php 119.00
salad macaroniPhp 36.50Php 117.00
spaghetti saucePhp 35.50Php 95.50
tomato saucePhp 17.25Php 92.25
creamer/all purpose creamPhp 63.00Php 75.00

Trade Secretary Alfredo Pascual said the price guide only monitors Noche Buena items and does not suggest retail prices.

“These are not suggested retail prices. We just documented the going prices for the Noche Buena goods so consumers will be guided. You present the lowest price available, so they know they can find suppliers or stores with that kind of pricing,” he said. 

According to Pascual, imported goods or goods which travel significant distances have higher prices. The secretary also reported his meeting with manufacturers to appeal and give households enough buying power.

“I met with the food manufacturers a few weeks back. I explained to them how I look at pricing. If a manufacturer produces a range of products that cater to various income classes of society, they can distribute the contributions to overhead and profit across, not uniformly, percentage terms, so that the burden on the goods that are for the low income families will bear a smaller part and the goods, premium brands for the same product line, could carry heavier share of the burden for overhead and profit,” he said.

However, Pascual also noted how the people could take care of their Noche Buena needs due to bonuses and 14th-month pay.

See the full price guide below:

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