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Donny Pangilinan allegedly courted Kathryn Bernardo, says Ogie Diaz

donny pangilinan allegedly courted kathryn bernardo says ogie diaz

Speculation has arisen regarding the alleged courtship between “Can’t Buy Me Love” actor Donny Pangilinan and Kapamilya actress Kathryn Bernardo. 

In the latest episode of Ogie Diaz’s “Showbiz Update” vlog, alongside Mama Loi and Tita Jegs, they divulged information from their source claiming that Donny once courted Kathryn.

Ogie Diaz shared the tidbit during the vlog, revealing, “Minsan pala, e, pinormahan nitong isang young actor si Kathryn. As in niligawan.”

When asked about the timing of Donny’s advances towards Kathryn, Ogie clarified, “Hindi, wala na si Daniel at si Kathryn.”

Referring to a past incident, Ogie mentioned, “E ’di ba ’yong dati, ’di ba nag-viral pa ’yon? ’Yong inaalok pa si Kathryn ng ano, softdrinks, kasi baka nakainom si Kathryn, pampababa ng tama or something… ’Di ba, ‘yong inalok siya ng softdrinks.”

During Robi Domingo and Maiqui Pineda’s wedding, it was also reported that Donny seemed to be watching Kathryn while she enjoyed herself at the reception. 

However, any courtship between them reportedly didn’t progress further following rumors surrounding the two.

Ogie speculated that Donny may have realized that pursuing Kathryn wouldn’t lead to anything positive, especially considering his on-screen partnership with Belle Mariano. 

Despite the jesting tone, Ogie emphasized that it’s ultimately up to Donny to confirm whether he indeed courted or pursued Kathryn in the past.

As of now, Donny Pangilinan has not made any statements confirming or denying the alleged courtship. 

The truth behind the rumored romantic pursuit between him and Kathryn Bernardo remains uncertain.

The speculation surrounding Donny’s past interactions with Kathryn adds another layer of intrigue to their respective careers in showbiz. 

Fans and followers eagerly await any further developments or clarifications from the involved parties, shedding light on this intriguing gossip from the entertainment industry.

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