Home Seth Fedelin faces backlash for liking hate comment directed at Andrea Brillantes on YouTube

Seth Fedelin faces backlash for liking hate comment directed at Andrea Brillantes on YouTube

seth fedelin faces backlash for liking hate comment directed at andrea brillantes on youtube

Seth Fedelin has recently come under fire for his online activity, specifically for liking a derogatory comment targeting his ex-girlfriend, Andrea Brillantes. 

The incident unfolded on the social media platform YouTube, sparking discussions and disappointment among netizens.

The controversy arose when an observant user took to Reddit on April 17, 2024, to highlight Seth’s questionable action on his official YouTube channel. 

The comment in question, posted under a vlog titled “SAMGYUP WITH ALI,” which featured Seth and Andrea enjoying a meal together, contained derogatory remarks about Andrea’s reputation. 

Despite its negative tone, Seth reportedly liked the comment, drawing widespread criticism.

The comment, accusing Andrea of being associated with multiple men and questioning her suitability for the company of emerging young stars, raised eyebrows among viewers. 

Many expressed dismay over Seth’s decision to endorse such negativity, questioning his motives and loyalty.

While some speculated about Seth’s intentions, others pointed out the inconsistency in his engagement with comments on his channel. 

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Concerns were raised regarding the absence of likes on other recent comments, further fueling the debate surrounding Seth’s behavior online.

The comment has already been deleted as of the latest update, leaving fans and observers puzzled by this action. 

Despite the backlash, Seth’s camp has not issued a statement addressing the controversy directly.

However, Seth’s official fandom page announced he could no longer access his YouTube channel. 

According to the announcement, Seth and his team face difficulties retrieving the account, emphasizing the need for caution regarding online information.

Although the offending comment has been deleted, questions linger regarding the management of Seth’s YouTube account and the handling of his online presence. 

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