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Jayda Avanzado reveals currently not on speaking terms with BFF Francine Diaz

jayda avanzado reveals currently not on speaking terms with bff francine diaz

Former celebrity best friends Jayda Avanzado and Francine Diaz are reportedly at odds, with Jayda confirming that they are currently not on speaking terms due to a “misunderstanding.”

In a recent interview on Cristy Fermin’s talk show vlog, Jayda disclosed her relationship status with Diaz, revealing that they haven’t spoken for a while. 

Their last communication was during Francine Diaz’s birthday when Jayda Avanzado privately greeted her. However, Avanzado admitted that disagreements arose, leading to their current situation.

Addressing rumors linking their misunderstanding to Andrea Brillantes, Francine’s on-screen partner Seth Fedelin’s former love team, Jayda clarified their connection. 

She mentioned being with Brillantes at a party where they coincidentally took photos together. 

Jayda stressed the importance of maintaining good relations with everyone in the industry and acknowledged facing backlash for the post.

When asked about Seth Fedelin’s alleged courtship, Jayda opted not to comment, keeping the matter private.

Jayda and Francine have previously been vocal about their friendship, often discussing it in interviews and sharing posts on social media, particularly during special occasions like birthdays.

Jayda’s past birthday posts for Francine reflected their close bond, with heartfelt messages expressing love and support. However, their recent rift suggests a shift in their relationship dynamics.

Francine has yet to comment on Jayda’s revelations. Meanwhile, Andrea is making headlines for attending the Coachella music festival in California.

The public awaits further developments regarding the rift between Jayda and Francine, hoping for reconciliation or clarity regarding the cause of their disagreement. 

Until then, fans of the former best friends remain curious about the future of their friendship and how they will navigate this challenging period.

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