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Donny Pangilinan reacts to viral video with Kathryn Bernardo

donny pangilinan reacts to viral video with kathryn bernardo

MANILA, Philippines – Actor Donny Pangilinan confirmed that his behavior towards actress Kathryn Bernardo, as seen in a video, was simply a friendly gesture and nothing more.

During a press conference for his latest film, Pangilinan commented on the video that went viral featuring him and Bernardo. In the footage, he can be seen conversing with the actress and extending a drink to her while she dances at the wedding reception of Robi Domingo and Maiqui Pineda.

The actor from “Can’t Buy Me Love” clarified that his interaction with Bernardo was simply a result of their close friendship, emphasizing that there was no romantic implication or anything beyond that.

“Syempre wedding ng friend namin ‘yon. We had a great time. Lahat naman kami friends sa showbiz. Binabantayan namin ang isa’t isa. Ayun lang yon. I think for me it’s just having peace of mind na friends kaming lahat. Okay kami. Ginagawa namin ‘yung trabaho namin and that’s the most important thing,” said Pangilinan.

Meanwhile, Robi reposted the video where Kathryn can be seen dancing happily at the after-party of the wedding reception.

Kathryn’s dancing partner is Rose Fausto, one of the godmothers in Robi’s wedding and the one who originally posted the IG Story that Kathryn was dancing with.

Domingo clarified that his groomsmen held a helping hand to take care of their wedding guests and asked the netizens not to make any issues out of it.

“Just for the record: we’re all friends here. We’ve got each other’s backs. No issues, please. Also, being the groomsmen, [Pangilinan] and [Darren Espanto] helped us out in taking care of all of the guests,” Robi said. 

Pangilinan used his personal social media account to address another circulating video. He urged both his and Belle Mariano’s fan base not to interpret everything too seriously, particularly in light of the previously circulated video with Bernardo.

“Sorry guys, [I] was really caught off guard. Kilala ko kayo. Hindi kayo ganun. Love you all always,” Pangilinan said. 


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