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Cristine Reyes Describes Marco Gumabao as a “Perfect Boyfriend”

cristine reyes describes marco gumabao as a perfect boyfriend

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Cristine Reyes described her boyfriend, Marco Gumabao, as a “perfect boyfriend” while she was doing a Lie Detector Challenge in Bea Alonzo’s vlog. 

All the boyfriends out there want to hear about perfect boyfriends from their significant other. Knowing that they appreciate them and their love, hearing those words give them butterflies. Well, that’s what Cristine Reyes thinks of her boyfriend. Simply perfect.

While doing a Lie Detector Challenge with Bea Alonzo, she was interviewed and asked about her boyfriend. 

Cristine said, “Parang perfect boyfriend ito, e. Kasi si Marco, naiintindihan niya lahat. Parang hindi ako makapaniwala at his age,” she said.

“Super cute talaga. Tisoy, type ko, pero bagets. So ako, hindi ko na pinag-aksayahan ng panahon. Talagang ang cute niya, bye!”

Gumabao announced their relationship through an Instagram post on April 24, 2023, but they only started talking about each other publicly. Reyes was surprised when Gumabao addressed their relationship in public.

Reyes was excited about their relationship being known for everyone to see. And she even described why she thought of her boyfriend as perfect, as he always surprises and loves her unconditionally. 

Reyes also talked about how she gets when she is jealous. She says that her body starts shaking, and Gumabao responds well with her jealousy or second thoughts.

“Kasi kapag hindi napag-uusapan agad, affected ako and, sometimes, I decide emotionally, “ Cristine said. 

She asked Gumabao, “Do you see me as someone you will spend the rest of your life with?”

Cristine started getting attracted to Marco in their lock-in shoot for “Martyr or Murderer” in Ilocos Norte. – WhatALife!/Zain

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