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AlDub Fans React as KathDen Bond Deepens amid Courting Stage Speculations

aldub fans react as kathden bond deepens amid courting stage speculations

The news of Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo’s growing closeness was bound to stir reactions from hardcore AlDub fans. Referred to jokingly as the ‘AlDub nation cult,’ these fans have been deeply invested in the onscreen partnership of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza for years now.

Joining the trending hashtags #KathDen, #AlDub, and #AlDubKathDen, AlDub fans presented evidence suggesting that Maine is Alden’s true partner. However, their evidence consisted only of old photos, prompting KathDen supporters to question the absence of recent pictures and why Maine is seen with Arjo Atayde and his family in new photos.

Despite Alden and Maine’s repeated denials of marriage and having children, some AlDub fans still cling to the hope of their union. Similarly, some argue that Alden should have a girlfriend to dispel these notions. Nevertheless, the number of KathDen shippers continues to rise, with more people hoping for them to become each other’s endgame.

Recent events, such as Alden’s surprise appearance at Kathryn’s post-birthday party, with a TikTok video garnering 9.1M views and a Twitter post reaching 2.8M views, serve as proof of KathDen’s rising popularity.

@itsmesweetcarol Alden Richards surprising Kathryn Bernardo with a big flower bouquet and Baccarat. 💐✨😍🥰 #kathrynbernardo #kathandalden❤️ #aldenrichards #surprisegift #fypシ゚viral #fypシ #fyp #hellolovegoodbye ♬ original sound – Teacher Carol

However, hardcore AlDub fans still fixated on Alden’s past with Maine have criticized this interaction that might have thrilled fans. The AlDub nation cult has also gone as far as claiming that Alden and Maine have a ‘secret family,’ complete with a baby.

AlDub Nation Cult

The AlDub phenomenon originated from the kalyeserye segment of the noontime show “Eat Bulaga” in 2015. With this, Alden and Maine’s onscreen chemistry ultimately captivated audiences. Their fan base, formed under the AlDub banner, fervently believed in their onscreen romance.

Meanwhile, Alden and Kathryn, now known as KathDen, made headlines with their recent interactions. Alden’s gesture of gifting Kathryn roses and a luxury crystal item sparked conversations. Some AlDub fans expressed disappointment and even accused Kathryn of lacking self-respect.

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While some AlDub fans hope for a reunion between Alden and Maine, others remain indifferent to Alden’s friendship with Kathryn. Despite rumors and speculations, both Alden and Maine have consistently denied any romantic involvement. Alden has admitted fatigue in responding to baseless claims.

In a January 2024 interview, Alden disclosed having a heartfelt conversation with Maine before her marriage to Arjo Atayde, wherein he shared everything but chose not to divulge details publicly.

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