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Skypodcast: “We’re really blinded when we’re in love”

skypodcast were really blinded when were in love

In a recent Skypodcast episode, Slater and Kryz discussed the often-tricky topic of relationship dynamics, focusing on recognizing red flags early on.

The episode started with personal stories and reflections and offered valuable advice on the importance of vigilance and setting boundaries from the beginning of a romantic relationship.

“Love is blind talaga, nabubulag ka hindi lang physically minsan emotionally, minsan mentally. Pag gustong gusto mo young tao, nabubulag ka talaga no?” Kryz stated.

Honesty was established as a cornerstone of a healthy relationship. Slater and Kryz emphasized the importance of being upfront and transparent during the initial stages of getting to know someone. 

“I think number one red flag ko siguro is honesty, like if he can’t be honest with you or she can’t be honest with you at the start of the date or the start of you guys building a relationship together,” she explained.

Kryz highlighted that any seemingly insignificant dishonesty can be a red flag, potentially indicating deeper trust issues.

“You’re already lying to each other. I feel like that’s a total red flag. I also feel like the start of the relationship is the easiest, to be honest with each other”, Kryz added.

The discussion highlighted the significance of authenticity in fostering genuine connections. Slater and Kryz agreed that being open about one’s true self and flaws strengthen trust within a relationship. 

This transparency, they argued, lays the foundation for a healthy and lasting bond built on mutual understanding.

The conversation delved into red flags as crucial indicators of compatibility and respect. 

Slater underscored the importance of considering outside perspectives, particularly those from trusted friends and family when navigating the complexities of love.

Acknowledging the emotional investment in romantic pursuits, they advocated for a balanced approach. Listeners were encouraged to weigh external observations alongside their feelings.

As the podcast concluded, Slater and Kryz offered a powerful takeaway: while red flags serve as warnings, relationships are inherently complex, requiring a delicate balance of self-reflection, open communication, and sound judgment. 

“Always listen to your family and friends all the time because, more often than not they’re looking out for your best interests”, said Kryz. 

“It takes a certain level of maturity to actually get there,” Slater agrees.

By staying attuned to internal instincts and external perspectives, individuals can navigate the often-challenging landscape of love with greater clarity and confidence.

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