Home Alden Richards serenades Kathryn Bernardo with ‘Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang’ at her birthday celebration

Alden Richards serenades Kathryn Bernardo with ‘Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang’ at her birthday celebration

alden richards serenades kathryn bernardo with bakit ngayon ka lang at her birthday celebration

The Kapuso actor Alden Richards surprised everyone at Kathryn Bernardo’s recent birthday celebration in El Nido, Palawan. 

The celebration saw Alden taking the stage to serenade the birthday girl with a special rendition of “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang,” accompanied by Kakai Bautista in a delightful duet.

Captured in a video shared by road manager Arlie Salagantin, the moment quickly gained attention across social media platforms, garnering admiration for Alden’s endearing gesture towards Kathryn. 

As the song climaxed, Alden bashfully expressed, “Happy Birthday, Kath. Hindi ko ginagawa ‘to,” showcasing his humble and genuine nature.

Kathryn, known for her roles in popular Filipino films such as “Hello, Love, Goodbye,” was visibly touched by Alden’s performance, her radiant smile reflecting the joy of the occasion.

The event, attended by other artists, including Joshua Garcia, Jericho Rosales, and Dominic Roque, exemplified the warmth within the Philippine entertainment industry.

Adding to the heartfelt celebrations, Kathryn received a touching birthday message from her mother, Min, underscoring the showbiz life of Kathryn. 

Kathryn also received a birthday greeting from her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Padilla, through the actor’s Instagram story.

Moreover, the occasion marked a significant milestone for Kathryn. She was appointed the first Filipino ambassador of the esteemed French luxury perfumes and cosmetics brand Lancôme.

As the night progressed, filled with laughter, music, and heartfelt moments, Kathryn Bernardo’s birthday bash in El Nido became not just a celebration of her life and achievements but also an enduring friendship and bond that defined the Philippine entertainment industry.

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