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Karla Estrada teases fans on Daniel Padilla’s upcoming project

karla estrada teases fans on daniel padillas upcoming project

Fans and social media followers of Daniel Padilla are on the edge of their seats awaiting his big announcement, which will reportedly be revealed very soon.

The news was disclosed by none other than DJ’s mother, Karla Estrada, although she did not provide details regarding the nature of his upcoming project.

Taking to her Instagram account, Karla posted a photo of Daniel, hinting at an upcoming major venture for her son, who recently ventured into a new business in Dubai.

“To GOD be the glory! Thank you,” wrote Karla briefly in the caption of her IG post.

Meanwhile, the text caption on Daniel’s photo read, “Congratulations, Anak…Soon!”

Commenting on Karla’s post seemed limited, as only a few responses were visible in the comment section.

Among the celebrities who congratulated Daniel were Donita Rose, DJ Jhaiho, and Vina Morales.

It’s worth noting that Karla’s announcement regarding Daniel’s new achievement or project coincided with the viral spread of Kathryn Bernardo’s April cover for a lifestyle magazine.

The anticipation for Daniel Padilla’s next move continues to mount as fans eagerly await further details regarding his upcoming project. 

Daniel’s journey in the entertainment industry is poised to reach new heights with his family’s support and his fans’ dedication.

Stay tuned for more updates as the mystery behind Daniel’s next big venture unfolds.

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