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Adriane Rovic Fornillos Murder Case: Bishop Dimver Andales under Subpoena

bishop dimver andales received a subpoena for the adriane rovic fornillos murder case

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, PHILIPPINES – Adriane Rovic Fornillos Murder Case update reveals Lapasan Baptist Church Bishop Dimver Andales, allegedly received a subpoena and is expected to enter into court for the Adrian Fornillos murder case. In accordance with a recent post shared by iFM CDO, Pastor Andales was given ten days to respond to the subpoena.

Bishop Andales, along with four other respondents, are facing murder charges in connection with the death of Mr. Cagayan de Oro 2023 candidate Adrian Rovic Fornillos.

About the Adriane Rovic Fornillos Case

It was in May 2023 that Adrian Rovic Fornillos lost his life after being shot in the head. Initial reports say he was traveling to a friend’s residence for a rehearsal for the Mr. Cagayan de Oro 2023 competition. 

However, as he had parked his vehicle, an unknown assailant approached him, demanded to remove his helmet, and fired a fatal shot at Adrian in the head. The assailant has made his escape by boarding a getaway tricab.

Atty. Dale Bryan Mordeno, the lawyer representing the Fornillos family, confirmed that among the five respondents in the murder cases, two of them were identified as associated with Andales.

Counter Case against the Allegations

Bishop Andales faces allegations of orchestrating the murder of Fornillos, which is due to a love triangle. Bishop Andales vehemently denied the accusations that he was responsible for the murder of Adriane Rovic Fornillos. He insisted further that he could not commit such an act.

Andales’ lawyer, Rhobert Maestre, is pleased to hear that the Fornillos’ case has reached the prosecutor’s office. He informed local broadcasters, such as Magnum Radio and Bombo Radyo, that they were preparing to submit a counter-affidavit to prove his client’s innocence.

Maestra also added that he was saddened to see his client being subjected to “trial by media” for weeks. Bishop Andales has been bombarded with hate comments on social media for the case in question. These online rumors had greatly damaged Andales’ credibility.

Additionally, the Andales team stated they would file a case against several individuals who are spreading “fake news” online against the bishop. 

Currently, this case is still ongoing. – WhatALife!/Shap

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