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Zeinab Harake reacts on her love scene with Derek Ramsay on the movie ‘Kampon’

zeinab harake reacts on her love scene with derek ramsay on the movie kampon

MANILA, Philippines – Vlogger-turned-actress Zeinab Harake asks herself, “Was that really me?” after recalling her first love scene with co-star Derek Ramsay in the horror-thriller movie “Kampon”.

“He’s the first guy I’ve ever kissed who isn’t my real-life romantic partner. It was crazy! When I saw a clip of what we did for the movie, I couldn’t believe that I was seeing myself. I used to just watch him do love scenes with the likes of Anne Curtis, but now, he’s doing it with me. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, but it sounded funny saying it now. Nailaban naman, but it was really intense,” Zeinab told reporters.

“I did the scene with the guidance of Sir Derek and Direk King (Palisoc). They suggested things that I could do while on the scene. While we were shooting it, I kept wishing for it to turn out well on screen. They said I did good, but since I’m a newcomer, I didn’t feel so confident yet. I’m just lucky that for my first project, I was able to work with the two of them,” said the actress.

“My character and I are so different in terms of personality. I had to make sure that I was showing Loreta’s facial expressions during the love scene and not Zeinab’s. That’s what I kept reminding myself throughout the shoot,” she added.

When asked to explain why Zeinab described their on-screen lovemaking as “intense,” Derek replied: “It was a one-night stand, so our love scene was different from the one with Beauty, who I’m trying to conceive a child with. Ours was kind of rough. We had to show lust, not love, so there was a lot of lip biting. At one point, Zeinab even hit my head against the wall. Yes, it had to be intense. Direk liked what we did and even went inside the room to say, ‘Wow.’ Just like what I always do with all my other love scenes, I told Zeinab that we should try to do it in one take so we don’t end up feeling awkward.”

Derek continued: “I saw Zeinab transform into her character Loreta at a snap of a finger. We were done shooting the scene quite quickly, maybe after 30 minutes even though it was her first time to do something like that. But it was an intense 30 minutes. I couldn’t believe it was her first time doing it, that’s how good Zeinab was. Again, her transformation into her character was instant. She went straight for it.”

“Kampon” narrates the tale of a couple, Clark (played by Derek) and Eileen (portrayed by Beauty Gonzalez), who are unable to have children. One day, their lives take an unexpected turn when a girl named Jade arrives at their doorstep, claiming to be Clark’s daughter. Despite the surprising circumstance, Eileen welcomes the child, unaware that this arrival brings ominous consequences. Zeinab, in the role of Loreta, portrays Jade’s biological mother in the story.


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