Home Kim Chiu shows bikini body after break up with Xian Lim 

Kim Chiu shows bikini body after break up with Xian Lim 

kim chiu shows bikini body after break up with xian lim

MANILA, Philippines – Actress Kim Chiu flaunts in her Instagram account her bikini body wearing an emerald green two-piece and patterned bikini paired with denim, which receives positive feedback from netizens. 

Kim Chiu appears to be enjoying her life in the days following the confirmation of her separation from her longtime boyfriend Xian Lim. She expressed gratitude for “everything in between” during this time.

“Opacarophile,” she captioned her Instagram post which refers to someone who loves sunsets.

“Grateful for small things, big things, and everything in between,” she added.

The actress received support from her followers in the comments section of her post, with some subtly referencing Xian Lim and others expressing encouragement for her newfound single journey. 

In another series of photos, Kim was seen wearing a patterned bikini paired with denim bottoms, striking poses by lanterns during the dusk.

“3 C’s in life. Choice. Chance. Change. Up to you what comes first,” Kim wrote for that post’s caption alongside emojis of the crescent moon, stars, and a white heart.

Chiu shared glimpses of her Christmas celebration with her family on Balesin Island through recent posts on her Instagram. 

She officially confirmed the end of her 12-year relationship with Xian Lim in a statement on social media on December 23, acknowledging that “sometimes love is not enough.”

“We shared more than a decade of love, each other’s support system, and many beautiful memories,” Kim said.

“As we close this chapter, I ask for everyone’s kindness and respect. I hope this clears everything as we all move forward with our lives.” she added. 

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