Home Ivana Alawi left in tears after being pranked by Marian Rivera 

Ivana Alawi left in tears after being pranked by Marian Rivera 

ivana alawi left in tears after being pranked by marian rivera

MANILA, Philippines – Primetime Queen Marian Rivera pranked Vlogger/Actress Ivana Alawi that left her in tears in her latest Youtube vlog.

The vlog started with both actresses discussing their acting journeys, sharing insights into their favorite roles, addressing how they handle criticism, and opening up about life’s challenges. 

Throughout the interview, the Rewind actress revealed that she seldom agrees to interviews conducted at her family’s home.

Bihirang-bihira ako tumanggap ng nag-iinterview sa akin na ginagawa dito sa bahay, isa ka dun sa nag-yes ako, oh diba,” Marian said. 

Ivana was unaware that an unexpected prank awaited her towards the conclusion of the vlog when the topic shifted to the prospect of collaborating on a film or television project.

Ivana said, “Ay day, baka di ko pa call time nandun na ako.” 

Bakit late ka? Sabi mo maaga ka, bakit late ka? Alam mo bang ayaw na ayaw ko ang late?” Rivera tells Alawi. “Palagi ba siyang late? Hindi magandang attitude ‘yan kapag artista ka.” 

Ivana tried to deny and explain herself, but got overwhelmed as Marian continued to express how irritated she was, stating, “Ayaw kong nale-late, eh.” 

Bahay lang na-late ka pa? Bakit dito attitude ka sa akin? Alam mo walang nagpapahintay sa akin dito? Tapos ikaw late ka. Tapos ito lang handa mo sa akin crab lang. Sabi nila maraming food di ba? Ano bang vlog ito? Kaloka! Ayoko itong ipalabas ha.” Rivera said.

Naiirita ako. Kahit hindi mo i-promote ‘Rewind.’ Wag na lang. Bakit naiiyak ka? Huwag ninyong ilabas ito ha? Hindi ako natutuwa sa inyo. Nakaka-irita.” she added. 

Ivana became emotional and requested her team to pack up after Marian walked out, informing her that they would not be working together in the future.

Huwag niyong ilabas ito ah. Hindi ako natutuwa sa inyo. Ano ‘to?” Marian continued.

After a brief period, the Rewind star hurried to embrace Ivana, exposing that the entire incident was merely a prank orchestrated by her sister, Mona.

In the same vlog, Mona disclosed the behind-the-scenes details, explaining how she persuaded Marian to play the prank to make their collaborative effort more memorable. With the assistance of their brother Hash, they instructed Marian to mock and make Ivana cry. 

They told Marian not to worry about doing it because that’s how they are as siblings. “Baka magalit sa akin ang kapatid ninyo ha? Akong bahala,” Marian told the two siblings.


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