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The Minnesota Timberwolves have made a win over their opponent, The Golden State Warriors on November 13, 2023. 

Timberwolves player, Anthony Edwards, displayed a standout performance and put up an impressive 33 points for the time. This gave the Timberwolves the edge and dominated their opponent, securing their sixth consecutive win with a final score of 116-110.

Karl-Anthony Towns – A Dominican American basketball player for Timberwolves, added 21 points and an impressive season-best of 14 rebounds for Minnesota, which took place in the first of two consecutive games between the teams in San Francisco. 

Timberwolves Coach, Chris Finch, mentioned that he talked to his team in finding ways to make strides and improve the small things even while they are winning. 

“We’ve got to get better through winning. I thought tonight we left a lot of meat on the bone,” Coach Finch stated. “We can play a lot better and that’s not to say we expect to win easily or anything like that. It’s just that when you get outrebounded and you turn it over and you don’t make the easy offensive play, there’s a lot of room for growth right there.”

Golden State Warriors team member, Stephen Curry, scored 38 points for his team. However, this failed to drive the Warriors to keep up with Minnesota’s fast-paced attacks. Golden State shot only 12 for 43 from a 3-point range.

Curry has 11 straight games with four or more 3-pointers to start the season, a feat considered as a first time in NBA history, according to ESPN Stats & Info. 

“We’ve got to be better,” Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green said. “The NBA is a tough league so it’s a tough matchup every night playing against NBA players. But l like the matchup.”

Warriors vs Timberwolves  are set to meet again on Tuesday night at Chase Center, preparing for another match for the In-Season Tournament.

“It is a different feeling in a regular-season game, to be able to go over the tape and play the same team, and be able to make some adjustments,” Kerr said. “It is more playoff-like.”

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